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Timber lintels

In the past times, when the technology was not much advanced, timber lintels were very commonly used. Even now, timber lintels are used in some construction. 

Timber lintels

The present time the availability of timber has become difficult and expensive. Second, It is very easily affected by white ants and other insects, for this reason, timber lintels are not in common use these days.

Features of Timber Lintels

  • They are flammable and therefore not suggested for use in fireproof constructions. 
  • The depth of the timber lintels should not be less than 7.5 cm, and width should be equal to the thickness of the opening.
  • Timber lintels can be of a single piece or of built-up type.
  • Without the proper seasoning, the timber is liable to decay as well as destroyed by fire.
  • If the timber lintel used for large spans, it should be designed using flexural formula.

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