How Can You Get Good Natural Ventilation in Buildings?

How Can You Get Good Natural Ventilation in Buildings?

First, it should be remembered that natural ventilation is mostly effective for small houses, not for large buildings. The natural ventilation system works by providing windows, doors, small openings, and ventilators in the proper location of any house. The following points should be considered to achieve good natural ventilation in buildings.

How Can You Get good Natural ventilation in buildings?

1. Inlet openings (means the opening which receives air from the atmosphere) should be located in such a way that all the portion of the room is evenly ventilated. The inlet opening should be located in the direction of wind blows and at a low level.

2. Outlet opening (which helps warm air to blow out from the rooms) should be located near the ceiling in the side walls of the room. Sometimes the outlet may be located in the roof, in this case, the area of the inlet openings should be larger than the area of the outlet.

3. The height of the room also affects the ventilation. More room height gives better ventilation as compared to a short room height.

4. Ventilation through windows can be improved by using deflectors, radiators, exhaust ducts, etc.

5. It should ensure that trees, partitions, adjacent buildings, or other obstructions do not obstruct the portion of the inlet and outlet opening. Because, it prevents the flow of winds through the opening, and reduces the rate of ventilation.

6. Long narrow rooms should be ventilated by providing openings in short walls instead of long walls.

Natural Ventilation in Buildings by providing Long narrow rooms

7. If the wind direction is variable, then the opening should be provided in all directions of the wind.

8. If gas or fuel is to be burnt in the room, then extra ventilation should be provided by providing extra windows or a large size of the outlet opening.

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