Category: Building Construction

3rd February 2021 1

Earth Cofferdam

By Malay Sautya

Earth Cofferdam Earth cofferdam is the simplest form of a cofferdam. It is very easy to construct, but it is…

27th January 2021 0

Rockfill cofferdam

By Malay Sautya

Rockfill cofferdam Rock-filled cofferdams are similar in construction to earth cofferdams. They can be used for comparatively large depths say…

24th January 2021 0

Sandbag Cofferdam

By Malay Sautya

Sandbag Cofferdam Cofferdam is a temporary structure which helps to carry out the construction work under reasonable dry condition. Now,…

18th January 2021 0

Asphalt Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Asphalt Flooring This floor is water-proof, dustless, jointless, acid-proof and attractive in appearance and as such becoming popular these days.…