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17th September 2019 0

Granolithic Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Granolithic Flooring Granolithic flooring is same as cement concrete flooring, except that the finishing layer. This layer is done with…

16th September 2019 0

Muram Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Muram Flooring Muram flooring is usually made in the kutcha village house. It is also a cheap floor like a…

14th September 2019 0

Revolving Doors

By Malay Sautya

Revolving Doors The Revolving doors consist mainly of a centrally located mullion or pivot in a circular opening. The revolving shutters…

13th September 2019 0

Timber lintels

By Malay Sautya

Timber lintels In the past times, when the technology was not much advanced, timber lintels were very commonly used. Even now,…

8th September 2019 0

6 Functions of Paint

By Malay Sautya

The function of the paints are as follows:
1. It provides a smooth and attractive surface.
2. It prevents corrosion in metal structures.

7th September 2019 0


By Malay Sautya

What is Terracotta? Terracotta means ”baked earth’‘, it is one types of ceramic materials. Manufacture of terracotta Preparation of clay…