18th January 2021 0

Asphalt Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Contents1 Asphalt Flooring1.1 Construction Method1.2 Preparation of Mastic Asphalt1.2.1 Laying of Asphalt Asphalt Flooring This floor is water-proof, dustless, jointless,…

16th January 2021 0

Mosaic Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Mosaic Flooring Terrazzo flooring is very good in appearance, and best for all types of buildings. This flooring is used…

15th January 2021 0

Timber Flooring

By Malay Sautya

Contents1 Timber Flooring1.1 Methods of Construction1.1.1 1. Wooden block floors1.1.2 2. Strip flooring1.1.3 3. Wall plates and sleeper wall flooring…