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Permanent Way – MCQ || Railway Engineering ||

Permanent Way - MCQ || Railway Engineering ||

Permanent Way – MCQ 1. Permanent track is regarded to be a) Semi elastic in nature.b) Elastic in nature.c) Rigid in nature.d) Semi-rigid in nature. 2. The track should be constructed and maintained keeping the requirement of a permanent way to achieve a) High speed.b) Better riding quality.c) Less future maintenance.d) All the above. 3. …

Railway Signalling – MCQ || Railway Engineering ||

Railway Signal - MCQ || Railway Engineering ||

Railway Signalling – MCQ 1. Which signal gives permission to the train for leaving the platform a) Semaphore Signalb) Warner Signalc) Starter signald) None of these 2. Which is the following components of a semaphore signals a) Movable armb) Crank rodc) Spectacle framed) All of these 3. Which signals are used in shunting operations for …