75+ Best Online Furniture Stores (2023) to Save Right Now!

If you are looking for the best online furniture stores, then YOU ARE in the RIGHT PLACE, I have listed 75+ stores for you. Nowadays, house modification has become a major trend. We see lots of people in and around us who are moving into new houses and hiring interior designers to make their houses look beautiful. However, one can modify his or her house without the help of a designer. The most important thing that is needed to make your house beautiful and trendy is having classy furniture. But there are many furniture stores online. In this article, I will help you to find the most trendy and best online furniture stores among them.

75+ Best Online Furniture Stores 2023
75+ Best Online Furniture Stores (2023) to Save Right Now!

Another important factor is the selection of furniture. It varies from person to person. Some people prefer vintage furniture, some love modern furniture while some of them like trendy and new furniture. But, furniture selection will be easy if one finds the best furniture stores that fulfill their all requirements.

There are some online furniture sites that have the newest design and the most stylish furniture which come in pretty good deals. We will look at some of the best online furniture sites that are great alternatives to offline shops.

Will this article help me to buy new furniture online? Yes, it will definitely help you to buy furniture online. But, the right question is – how will it help me to buy furniture online? Here, I have listed all the high-end online furniture stores, if you know the name of the store and what they offer, you can easily decide which one is best for you, and also you can compare the price and quality of the products offered by them. Keep looking on our furniture store finder page and find a store that suits your test. The following are the 75+ Best Online Furniture stores as of 2023.

Top 10 Online Furniture Stores in Some Countries

Here are the top 10 furniture stores in some countries. It is just the name of stores that are well-known in a particular country.

Top 10 Furniture Stores in the World

The following are the top 10 online furniture stores in the world as of 2023.

S.L NOCompany Name/ Store Name
3.West Elm
5.Urban Outfitters
8.Pottery Barn
9.Joss & Main

Top 10 Furniture Stores in the US

The following are the top 10 online furniture stores in the US (United States).

S.L NOCompany Name/ Store Name
1.Ashley HomeStore
3.West Elm
4.Pottery Barn
6.Bassett Furniture
7.American Signature
8.Crate & Barrel
10.World Market

Top 10 Furniture Stores in The UK

The following are the top 10 online furniture stores in the UK (United Kingdom) as of 2023.

S.L NOCompany Name/ Store Name
1.John Lewis
3Soho Home
6.Barker and Stonehouse
7.Not On The High Street
8.West Elm

Top 10 Furniture Stores in India

The following are the top 10 online furniture stores in India.

S.L NOCompany Name/ Store Name
3.Urban Ladder
4.Nilkamal Furniture
8.Godrej Interio
10.West Elm

1. Etsy

🌐 Online Store: Etsy.
βœ† Contact: Etsy Support(Online).

Etsy Furniture Store
1. Etsy.

Etsy is one of the best online furniture stores for buying furniture online, where you can find the best handmade and both vintage and modern styles of furniture easily. If someone has a long list of furniture and decor for shopping, they must at once take a look at Etsy.

One would find the vintage furniture we admire from movies to the best modern ones. Moreover, they have all the other stuff that is needed to decorate the house from decorations of different types to curtains as well.

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2. West Elm

🌐 Online Store: West Elm.
βœ† Contact: +800 15004444.

West Elm Online Furniture Store
2. West Elm.

West Elm is one of the best modern online furniture stores with a lot of collections. The persons who have a test of the latest prints, trendy colors, and modern designs should visit West Elm. West Elm is a Brooklyn-based furniture store under the Williams Sonoma brand. It is an affordable store and is very economical.

They also provide many other organic products which are locally made and handmade. The site even becomes cheaper for one because of their frequent sales and their offer to every new customer of 15 percent off.

They always prefer earth-friendly materials for their product. If anyone looking for furniture and decorative items at an economical price, as well as eco-friendly, then visit the “West Elm Store” at least once.

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3. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture store
3. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is a high-end furniture store. The company was founded in 1945 by Carlyle Weinberger and its headquarters is located in Arcadia, Wisconsin, United States of America. Ashley Furniture is a multinational company and it has stores in more than 123 countries of the world. The stores of Ashley Furniture are luxury furniture store with many exclusive pieces of furniture. The furniture found here is among the best modern furniture one will find anywhere else.

Moreover, there are some unique pieces of furniture that no one will get anywhere else. Ashley Furniture is a must-visit for someone who wants some exclusive and high-end furniture for their house. The wide range of furniture will provide sofas, armchairs, wardrobes, and other types of furniture in large varieties. Their Home decor as well which will simply blow up one’s mind and they come with great prices as well.

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4. Amazon

Amazon furniture shop
4. Amazon.

If you are looking for the best online furniture shop, then Amazon is for you. No doubt, Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping stores around the world. But many don’t know that we can even find furniture here. We can find some of the best deals here in a very affordable range. On top of that, the service and other features of the application make it even more accessible.

We can find products from some of the best furniture sellers around the world with trending designs as well. I will say it’s worthy enough to give a check to it. If you want to add something extra to beautify your home, then Amazon is the right place for you. Here you can get small to medium sizes furniture, decorative items, and even small pins.


🌐 Online Store: IKEA.

IKEA furniture store
5. IKEA.

IKEA is one of the cheapest online furniture stores. Although they are cheap, they still have furniture of great design and artistry. Everyone who will see their collection will instantly fall in love. If you want cheap decor and trendy looks, go for IKEA and set your house the way you want it to be. Here you can find several furniture items for your living room, bedroom, office room, children’s room, kitchen, dining, and also outdoor.

6. World Market

🌐 Online Store: World Market.

World Market Furniture site
6. World Market.

World Market is one of the best online furniture sites for a person who wants to furnish and decorate his/her home with different things from all over the world. Here all types of furniture and decorative things are sold from all over the world which are authentic and handmade.

It is very useful for those who have always wanted to buy furniture of different cultures with completely different styles but were unable to do so. Moreover, here there are so many things for everybody.

So, it’s for those awesome people who want to turn their room into a specific region or country-oriented look. Here you can get all types of furniture for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and also for outdoors.

7. Wayfair

🌐 Online Store: Wayfair.

Wayfair is a Best & cheap online furniture stores
7. Wayfair.

If you want to visit a site with a huge collection of furniture and home decor and that too at a budget price, Wayfair is a great option. It is overwhelming to find something of your taste with such a massive collection, that’s why their search tool comes in handy to find the perfect thing with the minimum of effort.

It becomes more budget-friendly with all the flash sales and offers regularly on the site. No doubt, it is one of the cheapest online furniture stores. Moreover, the moment you order something above 49 dollars shipping of the product is absolutely free.

8. Apt2B

🌐 Online Store: Apt2B.

Apt2B Furniture Stores for buying modern Furniture
8. Apt2B.

Do you want to furnish your living place with modern furniture and at the same time that will be pocket-friendly? Then just visit Apt2B and make your home complete with the best stunning home furnishings in 2022. In Apt2B, we will find some very rare features in the online furniture market.

They provide us with great products, styles, and quality while staying within our budget. Every order is delivered without any shipping charges and provides a whopping 100 days to return the product. So, just go and bring home the furniture you always wanted to buy.

9. Crate & Barrel

🌐 Online Store: Crate & Barrel.

Crate & Barrel Furniture Store
9. Crate & Barrel.

One of the first names that come to one’s mind when asked about online furniture and decor stores is Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel have over the years acquired the trust of people as a company with great quality furniture and that too in the midrange.

They are also very trendy and have some of the best products which everyone who would be able to afford them will keep on their checklist to have in their room. Their beauty and elegance make it even more awesome. Here you can find all furniture sections like indoor, outdoor, kitchen, bar, decor, etc., and each section comes with a lot of furniture.

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10. CB2

🌐 Online Store: CB2.

CB2 store for furniture
10. CB2.

CB2 is a perfect store for those who are going to enter their new apartment or house. The site provides the best consultation and makes new house owners get what they want through their free video consulting, 3d room rendering, etc. In this store, you will not only find outstanding modern furniture but also several decor items.

Moreover, if we talk about their products, they are world-class and have got every type of design. We can find some best attractive and stylish sofas, dining tables, outdoor furniture, home accessories, and many more things in this store.

11. Anthropologie

🌐 Online Store: Anthropologie.
βœ† Contact: 800-309-2500.

Anthropologie Furniture Store
11. Anthropologie

Looking to make some decorations by adding some new furniture that looks out of the world. One should check out Anthropologie. The furniture collection will for sure make anyone who sees it look like he has come into a fairy tale place.

They come up with collections that are so heavenly that anyone who sees them will be overwhelmed by them. If you are looking for a high-end furniture store, then visit their online store at one. If one looks into their collection, they will definitely want to take all, not only one.

Lots of uniquely designed modern stylist tables, sofas, mirror sets, flower vast, etc. are available in this store. The customer service is also great and one can ask questions easily and in a few seconds, he can get his answer.

12. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond - online furniture store
12. Bed Bath & Beyond.

A store that was thought to have sold only dorm room essentials is not what we think it to be. As it has one of the best collections of furniture in the whole market. So take a look at all the other stuff it has and it will for sure have something that you wanted to have.

Here you can find lots of popular and stylish furniture, accessories, and other decorative items for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Bed Bath & Beyond provides a flat 20% off on all products and free shipping to everybody who joins their loyalty program.

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13. Joss & Main

🌐 Online Store: Joss & Main.

Joss & Main furniture store
13. Joss & Main.

No doubt, Joss & Main is one of the best online furniture stores and has several home decor items as well. A store that invites you to search on here several furniture items and helps you to find the things that you want. There are hundreds of products category available under Joss & Main, and that will surely match your taste.

They always have the latest trends and come up with new furniture every time. There is a specialized team that will help you wind your dream decorations and magnificent furniture. Here also we can see that there are many flash sales frequently.

14. Home Deport

Home Deport - best and unique furniture store
14. Home Deport.

Home Depot is a place where we can find almost all genres of decors. May it be the big furniture or even the tiny lighting to make a different atmosphere in the room at night. Moreover, the best part about Home Depot is that its products are very affordable and of great quality as well. These reasons are good enough to at least take a look.

15. Zinus

Zinus - Cheapest online furniture store
15. Zinus.

A site that will give you a lot of options when we choose for our style of different furniture. Zinus has all types of trends and classic furniture and it provides orders with zero delivery charges. Moreover, all their furniture is easily portable as it can be dismantled and again set up without the need of tools. It’s another side that has many affordable pieces of furniture with great quality and the latest trends.

16. Burrow

🌐 Online Store: Burrow.

Burrow furniture store
16. Burrow.

Burrow is one of the most popular online furniture stores. Here we can find furniture for every part of the house. We will certainly find really very trendy and beautiful furniture that without any doubt will make a place in every house.

The products are light as well and can be moved around the house according to our needs without any problems. Burrow provides excellent quality furniture which is sophisticated and very affordable as well. One should certainly try the products from Burrow and decide how worthy they are.

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17. AllModern

🌐 Online Store: AllModern.

AllModern - online furniture store
17. AllModern.

Nowadays life is very stressful and exhausting and after such exhaustion, all want comfort when they go to the house and sit in the house. This is what makes having good furniture a must in the house. Allmodern is a perfect place to visit if you want this comfort that too in competitive price.

In AllModern we will find comfortable, trendy, beautiful, and stylish furniture. This will not only make our life more comfortable but the house will also look great. So, go ahead and create the home that you want without spending crazy sums of money in doing it.

18. Design Within Reach

🌐 Online Store: Design Within Reach.

 Design Within Reach - Best premium and unique designed furniture websites.
18. Design Within Reach.

The name Design Within Reach itself makes a statement that what we can find on this site. The premium products of Herman Miller, Saarinen, Eames, etc. are what we will get on this site. The products of such big brands are enough to stalk Design Within Reach. No doubt, this is one of the best premium and uniquely designed furniture stores.

The sole objective of the site is to provide such high-end products to everyone and make their homes look stunning. So, for anyone who loves these brands, it will be a treat for them to shop here and find themselves some of the most artistic decors on the globe.

19. 1stDibs

🌐 Online Store: 1stDibs.

1stDibs - online furniture store
19. 1stDibs.

It is beautiful, vibrant, and colorful as some of the best markets in the globe. 1stDibs is a site that will give a different experience from that of any other online furniture store. Above all, every visit here will make you feel that it’s your first visit. This is certain because of the ever-changing collection of furniture on the site. So, if you want to make your home look different, just go ahead and decorate it with the decors of 1stDibs and make your dreams come true.

20. AptDeco

AptDeco - Best Online Vintage Furniture Store

A perfect place for a fan of vintage furniture from some of the leading furniture brands. AptDeco is where we can find vintage models of furniture that are preowned.

Although they are vintage and some of the most sort after products of the past, still one will get them in good deals that to in less than their original price. So, vintage lovers go now and visit the site and decorate your home with the vintage furniture you always wanted to own.

Moreover, the site even offers buyers returns as well which is something no other vintage store offers. They also provide huge sales and free delivery for some products. Here you can find several types of new and vintage Furniture like – Dining tables, Sofas, Rugs, Coffee tables, Dressers, etc.

21. Walmart

🌐 Online Store: Walmart.

Walmart - One of the Best affordable Online Furniture Stores
21. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. They have everything in their store. So, it’s not surprising that they also have furniture and that too at a very affordable price like all the other things in their stores. They provide modern furniture of almost all categories and the products are very beautiful and stylish.

They give you options for your perfect selection and make your life better. So, one can visit their online store and look for some excellent but low-priced decor items for their house. Moreover, they have offers where the prices of the products go down due to the discounts.

22. Urban Outfitters

🌐 Online Store: Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters - Creative and unique designed Online Store For Furniture
22. Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters is known for its trendy apparel, which is very stylish and beautiful. But very few people know that Urban Outfitters has a section for homes and decors. This section is as attractive as the apparel one as they also have some of the best modern furniture. Everyone will be amazed by how rich the furniture and home decor collections are.

Here you can find creative and uniquely designed furniture. So, it won’t be a surprise if someone loves their collection and refurbishes their home with furniture from Urban Outfitters. This is a perfect store that provides essentials as well as furniture and decor items for you.

23. Serena & Lily

🌐 Online Store: Serena & Lily.

Serena & Lily - Unique-designed Luxury Furniture Stores
23. Serena & Lily.

If you are a person who loves uniquely designed luxury furniture, then Serena and Lily is the site you should visit. Here you will find the furniture which gives the luxury vibes.

Serena & Lily provides all types of furniture from dining tables to crouches which are of good quality and give the outdoor coastal touch. I am largely influenced by their outdoor furniture section, must look at it once.

24. Lulu & Georgia

🌐 Online Store: Lulu and Georgia.

Lulu & Georgia - Best Online Furniture Store
24. Lulu & Georgia.

Another best online furniture store Lulu and Georgia is a fancy store for furniture which you could have seen on social media. Most are in the form of a beautiful and styled interior of the room which is totally on another level. The company has been run by a family of interior designers since 1955.

One of the most stylish and beautiful furniture companies that are obsessed with making homes look stunning. If you are looking for the best, just go through the pages of Lulu and Georgia and you will be blown away by the collections they have, and they are the trendsetters in one word.

So, it’s pretty much clear what your home could look like if you go with the furniture of Lulu and Georgia. In a single word, this is the store where the next-level collection is.

25. Target

🌐 Online Store: Target.

Target - Online Furniture sites
25. Target.

If you are looking for the best places to buy furniture online, that will be full of cool, trendy, and stunning collections, then just visit “Target” on your device. It is one of the sites which have in recent times gained a lot of spotlight for its collection. In this store, you can get artificial flowers, plants, and grass within a reasonable price range.

Several other types of decorative items like bowls, candles, baskets, decorative jars, etc are available in this store. Its variety will for sure suppress the variety of an online store. Moreover, on orders above 35 dollars, they provide free shipping as well.

26. One Kings Lane

🌐 Online Store: One Kings Lane.

One Kings Lane - Vintage and Luxury furniture site
26. One Kings Lane.

Another vintage and luxury furniture collection that you will find nowhere else is something that only you can find in One Kings Lane. One Kings Lane is another best furniture store globally. They have products that will make you feel like it’s all that you have wanted all this while.

The high-end furnishings which you will get from this store is really unique from other stores. They have an outdoor section that comes with a lot of outdoor furniture like – Lounge & Dining Furniture, Umbrellas & Stands, Garden Stools, Porch Swings, Accent Tables & Chairs, etc.

They work with some of the best furniture makers in the world. They always have the latest and the best quality furniture. It would be a heavenly experience to have such amazing and elegant furniture in your home. There’s always something new on sale at One Kings Lane. This is the best place to buy trendy furniture for your home.

27. RH

🌐 Online Store: RH.

 RH - Best Online Furniture Store
27. RH.

An online store that gives you the option to look for furniture for your room as well as style. RH has a vast section of furniture to choose from. Here you also get assistance to choose the perfect style and color preview option that too free of cost. So, just have a look and know how easy it is to decorate your house with some best furniture.

28. The Inside

🌐 Online Store: The Inside.

Best Online Furniture Store - 28. The Inside
28. The Inside.

If you want to have a personalized shopping experience, then a visit to “The Inside” is a must. In The Inside, a customer can take a 60-second quiz and look at things to their tastes. You can find some great products which will suit everyone’s style and budget as well.

In their personalized searches, you can find what kind of product you want, what color it should be, and its pattern & fabric as well. This is definitely a great feature and is liked by everyone. Above all, their products are of the best quality as well.

29. Interior Define

🌐 Online Store: Interior Define.

Interior Define - Best customizable furniture store
29. Interior Define.

Interior Define is another furniture site that has followed the trend of letting consumers customize their products the way they want. Moreover, they make these customized products at very affordable prices as well.

This feature really attracts more and more people to their site and you should at least once try to check their furniture store. The best part is their live chat option and their design expert recommendation for your perfect choice.

30. Albany Park

🌐 Online Store: Albany Park.

Albany Park - Best Online Furniture Store AS OF 2022
30. Albany Park.

The company was founded by former NFL player Darryl Sharpton and his wife Jessica. Albany Park was created to provide customers with not only good quality products and beautiful designs but also many colors and fabric options.

You may be frustrated by seeing so many same furniture pieces in online stores. However, in Albany Park, you will find furniture with many shades and designs. While doing so, they have not compromised with the quality of the products as well.

31. Ballard Designs

🌐 Online Store: Ballard Designs.

Ballard Designs - Online furniture retailers
31. Ballard Designs.

Ballard Design is another store with a huge number of varieties. They are not only well-stocked in furnishings but also other decor items. So, you can buy matching things and decorate your house the way you want it to be.

Moreover, they have a podcast show in which they talk about how to furnish a home properly and what one needs to do. So, everyone thinking of decorating the house will get some very good tips to do.

32. Medley (Medleyhome)

🌐 Online Store: Medley.

Medley (Medleyhome) - Eco-friendly Online Furniture Store
32. Medley (Medleyhome).

An eco-friendly brand that has worked both on helping to save the environment as well as providing some of the best furniture on the globe. A house furnished by Medley will feel fully heavenly. They are not the mass producers of their products but have premium and very elegant designs.

Above all, they have customization as well and the buyer can get whatever they want according to them. We will find the ottoman in muted palettes, statement chairs with amazing silhouettes, and many more things. You can certainly be decorative and environment friendly as well by taking a look at the Medley sites online.

33. Floyd

 Floyd - Online store for furniture
33. Floyd.

Another outstanding online furniture store is Floyd. By understanding the needs of consumers, Floyd took great steps to make furniture that lasts much longer than conventional disposable furniture. For a long time, Floyd has been making heirloom quality furniture.

The slogan for their products is ‘furniture for keeps’. But here only you can get some basic furniture like – bed, sofa, table, modular shelf, cabinet, and some outdoor furniture.

34. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn - Best Store for Furniture online
34. Pottery Barn.

The furniture of the Pottery Barn is a must in the house of a furniture lover. Pottery Barn is one of the best stores for furniture online as well as offline, and almost all types of Furniture are available in this store. It is based in the USA but has many stores worldwide as well. But above all, they have an online store as well which makes it easier for everyone to get.

At first look, this may seem expensive but I can say that the price is worth the product. They provide you with products of the best quality. In terms of variety, there are lots of options available which will be worth a while of scrolling. Go and check out all the contemporary and vintage collections for sure.

35. Overstock

🌐 Online Store: Overstock

Overstock - Furniture store Online
35. Overstock.

Do you want all the things you need in one place with a huge discount? Don’t worry, just visit Overstock. A perfect place where you will find each and everything that you want, in terms of furniture and decor. The one thing to keep in mind is that there are flash sales and offers when everything becomes more affordable.

36. Maiden Home

Maiden Home - Online Furniture store
36. Maiden Home.

If you are looking for a lot of products that are hand-made with excellent quality, just visit Maiden Home. In Maiden Home, you will find all types of furniture that you want. Here you will find handcrafted luxury modern furniture. Every product that you see is US-made. They have offline stores as well in the US. So, you are welcome to take a visit as well.

37. Jayson Home

Jayson Home is a online Furniture Store
37. Jayson Home.

If you are a person who likes traditional & modern furniture in the same place and wants to make your home beautiful, then just take a look at Jayson Home. It is full of vibrant color furniture to give you a feel of the outdoors.

Above all, the designers of the Jayson Home have all the products on the online store. The style and trends present in Jayson Home are the latest and one will simply fall in love with their products. And, if you are a vintage lover, don’t think it’s not for you because they have best-in-class vintage furniture as well.

38. Living Spaces

Living Spaces - Online Furniture stores
38. Living Spaces.

At last, we have Living Spaces, an online store where you will find massive options to buy from. They also have a design studio that is free to use. The design that you choose will be available to you within a month if you want to. This makes Living Spaces even more wonderful to check. The most important thing that I have noticed is the price of their product is really low as compared to other stores. Read More: Standard Room Size.

39. John Lewis

John Lewis - Modern furniture store
39. John Lewis

John Lewis is one of the best online furniture stores that is very popular all over the world. At John Lewis, there is a very big collection of home decor and furniture for everyone. If you are looking for comfortable sofa furniture or armchairs or maybe anything else that you want to put in your living room to make it more elegant, John Lewis has covered it for you.

In John Lewis, there is everything that one will be looking for in their house. Beds, sofas, shelves, wardrobes, dining tables, varieties of quality office furniture for office rooms, and even the light there is everything out there.

We can say John Lewis is one of the best luxury furniture stores as well as a fancy furniture store. This huge collection of furniture is where one will find the best things according to their needs and likings without any problem. Moreover, there are offers throughout the year which provide lots of discounts to the customers.

40. Goodee

Goodee - New Furniture store
40. Goodee

Goodee is a very young furniture company, just five years old as it was opened in 2017 by two twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart. The brothers started the company looking forward to the future. Everyone involved in it along with the society and environment is impacted positively.

In Goodee, the designs are very exclusive and every piece of furniture there is a luxury product. Although it is a high-end furniture store it has much more to offer. One will not only find some of the best furniture but also decors, lifestyle products, and many gift items for different occasions in Goodee stores both online and offline. In the catalog, one can see that they not only have furniture of the indoors but also outdoors. Sofas, chairs, tables, shelves, storage, furniture for kids everything is in the store of Goodee.

In Goodee, the designs are not from a single region of the world but the whole globe. They support and praise their artisans for their work. This diversity of artisans is the reason Goodee has some of the most unique types of products which are very hard to find in the same place. Goodee celebrates different occasions by providing discounts to their customers now and then.

41. Oka

Oka - Online Furniture store
41. Oka

Oka is a UK-based furniture and home accessories company that was started in 1999 by Annabel Astor, Sue Jones, and Lucinda Waterhouse. The company was started as a small one but over time, with unique and exclusive products it has gained huge popularity all over the world. Oka has everything in its catalog from luxury furniture to fancy ones and office furniture as well. For someone who wants to set each and every piece of furniture according to him and is looking for a place to get everything, then Oka is a must-visit.

There are some of the best modern furniture in the world which are listed in Oka. For every room, there are different modern as well as fancy furniture. Shelves, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, outdoor furniture, and accessories for home from different decors to lights everything is found in Oka. Moreover, if someone wants to design their house, then they will get the help of the interior designing team of Oka. It is a one-stop solution for furniture, decor, and house accessories.

42. Hay

Hay - Hig-end Furniture Store

Hay is a worldwide popular furniture store. It was started in 2002 by Motte and Rolf Hay. They provide just everything which we need in our homes. The company’s headquarters is located in Copenhagen. It is a Danish furniture company that always focuses on art, originality, and fashion as per the trend. Many popular and first-class designers work as employees from all over the world at Hay.

A great number of wonderful artists collaborate around the world and create some beautiful products that are very artistic and fashionable. They provide modern and trendy furniture products. They have a huge Sofa, table, bed, chairs, lamps, glassware, and many more collections which attract people across the globe.

43. Modani Furniture

Modani Furniture - Best online furniture store

If you want the stunning yet simple look of your dream house, Modani can be the best option for you. They provide modern and contemporary furniture with the accuracy and perfection of every product and are highly maintained to match any kind of space. The company headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, United States. According to their philosophy, modern generations want simple ” geometric shapes” rather than heavy designs.

Modani imports all its raw materials – stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, raw edge acacia wood, suede, velvet, and silk from all over the world and creates beautiful pieces of furniture that adore our houses so perfectly that we can not stay without giving a compliment to our own houses.

Modani is one of the smartest companies which we praise for their extraordinary products, worldwide fast delivery, and pocket-friendly budget that matches our modern-day needs very well.

44. The Dump

The Dump - Budget friendly and best quality online furniture store

The Dump is a US-based furniture store. According to The Dump, we should not settle. We should keep exploring new ideas, and new furniture. People should not pay too much for any furniture.

The Dump dumped all mediators and started to deliver all their products in your footsteps in a very straightforward way. Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, chairs, dining tables, mattresses, and rugs all are available at much lower prices without compromising the quality of products.

People do not have to pay full price at all for the dreamy furniture of their houses. Every product is available at a much lower price in great deals. They provide 40 to 80 % off the price of a normal store. Sometimes before, people think if it is available at a low price that means the quality may not be that good. Nowadays leaving their skeptical mindset behind, people are actually purchasing these furniture products.

45. What A room

What A room - Online Furniture Store

What A Room provides a wide range of new as well as mid-century furniture. It is a US-based company. Their first priority is always about customers’ choices and necessities. People of this age always want a minimal and sophisticated look in their houses and which can be found in this store.

They provide customizable modern sofas & couches, contemporary beds, dining sets, tables, etc., furniture which fit modern-day houses very well. They spread their business from offline stores to online stores. Valuable materials, beautiful designs, and trending ideas remain always on the priority list of their furniture production. Many products of ‘What a Room’ are also hand-crafted.

46. Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture - Best furniture store online

Bassett Furniture Industries is a furniture manufacturing and retailing company. Bassett Furniture also acquires a rank in the list of the top 10 best online furniture stores in the US. The company was founded in 1902. The headquarters of the company is located in Bassett, Virginia, United States.

Bassett Furniture has the best quality furniture as well as decors, rugs, curtains, and outdoor furniture of outstanding quality. The company has different sections for every room of the house.

The furniture is very modern, sleek, and beautiful and is made of quality raw materials. Like the furniture, all the accessories, decors, rugs, etc are also very elegant and beautiful looking. All these when come together not only make a house look beautiful but also adds warmth and elegance to it.

There are about 100 Bassett Furniture stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. Moreover, one can from the comfort of their home also see and order any furniture as all the products are listed in their online furniture store as well.

47. American Signature

American Signature - High end online furniture store in USA

American Signature is the most popular online furniture store based in the USA. The company was founded in 1948 and it is based in Columbus Ohio. The company was founded by Jerome Schottenstein.

Here one will find modern as well as modular furniture for each and every part of the house. American Signature has products based on the current trend as well. One will find some breathtaking modular and modern sofas as well as other furniture. American Signature also gives its customers the option of customizing their furniture.

They have about 120 offline stores. Moreover, on the online store of the company, one can take a look at a large number of products as well as design their furniture from the comfort of their home as well.

48. Raymour & Flanigan

49. Room To Go

🌐 Online Store: Room To Go.

Room To Go is an American furniture store chain that was founded on September 7, 1990. The founding members of the company are Jeffrey Seaman and Morty Seaman. The headquarters of Room To Go is located in Seffner, Florida, USA.

Room To Go was founded to make the decoration of a room or house easy, comfortable, and valuable. The company has always tried to showcase how proper planning along with beautiful furniture and decor can elevate a room’s overall beauty. In Room To Go when it comes to the quality of the products they procure the best material from all over the globe. The company tries to be sustainable and efficient by recycling. When it comes to customer service Room To Go has it as their top priority to help their customer in each and every way possible.

In Room To Go, there are a wide variety of furniture for each and every type of room. They have a totally different section for the kids known as Room To Go Kids. Moreover, there are Disney collections, NFL collections, and Sofia Vergara collections which have all types of furniture and decorations. They also provide a SALES section, where you can find their special offers and free shipping items. In 2018 the company opened a new section known as Room To Go Outdoor.

50. Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture online outlet is a popular American furniture outlet. It was founded in 1991 by Bob Kaufman and Gene Rosenberg. The company is headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut. Bob’s Discount Furniture as of March 2022 has 150 stores spread across America.

In 1991, when Bob’s Discount Furniture was founded the founders had in mind that they wanted to provide the best quality products which are affordable for everyone. The company has always valued the experience of the customers. In the stores, each and every piece of furniture is of the best quality, comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

In the stores of Bob’s Discount Furniture, one will find every kind of furniture. On the website, furniture is categorized as living room, dining room, bedroom, outdoor, children’s rooms, home office, etc. In each category, there are a large number of products to select from which are stylish, comfortable, and pocket friendly. In this store, you can buy any product through financing (monthly payment) without having to pay the full amount at the time of purchase.

51. The Range

The Range is a UK-based furniture store. The company was founded in 1989 by Chris Dawson. The headquarter company is located in Plymouth, United Kingdom. The company sells multiple products for the home, garden, and leisure categories.

The furniture here is very beautiful and looks modern. For every room in a house as well as its garden there is some exceptional furniture which without any doubt fits in every household. Moreover, one will find other important household accessories like mirrors, curtains, storage, fancy lighting, heating products, cooking products as well as rugs and mats.

There are more than 200 physical stores spread all over the United Kingdom of The Range. Moreover, one can from the comfort of their house find all the products on their online store as well.

52. MADE

Made is a British furniture and home appliance company. The company was founded in 2010 by Ning Li and Brent Hoberman, together with Julien Callède and Chloe Macintosh. The company sold its products online. The headquarters of Made.com is located in London, England.

Made is a place where one will not only find furniture but items of clothing as well as many other products. The furniture here is modern and looks fantastic. In their online store, one will find beautiful furniture for each and every room. There are modern sofas, sleek-looking chairs, designer lamps, and any other thing that you have in mind. The collections and the quality of the products are just exceptional. There are only 7 physical stores in the United Kingdom. Moreover, each and every product is available on their online store as well.

53. Dunelm

Dunelm is one of the leading furniture retailers in the United Kingdom. Dunelm also acquires a position on the list of the top 10 best online furniture stores in the UK. The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Adderley and Jean Adderley. The headquarters of the company is located in Syston, England.

They have a large category of products other than furniture as well. There is bedding, decors, rugs, curtains, lighting, outdoor products, kitchen, etc and every section contains lots of collections. Moreover, products of many branded brands are also found in their stores.

The furniture in Dunelm is both contemporary as well as modern. This means that one will get a lot of designs to choose from and make their room look the way they want. The raw materials of all the products in Dunelm are of the best quality and it is evident in the quality of the products as well.

Dunelm will be the perfect spot for someone who wants to change the look of their house as each and everything along with essentials is found here. There are 170 stores of Dunelm located all over the United Kingdom. There is a website for online purchases as well through which one can find whatever they are looking for. Moreover, on the website, there is a feature that can be used to locate the nearest store as well.

54. Soho Home

Soho Home is one of the best online furniture stores as well as home accessories & gifting companies in the UK. It is a perfect place for those who want to beautify their home interior with some elegant furniture. They provide beautiful and elegant looked furniture, lights, rugs, curtains, etc.

In the stores of Soho Home, one will find both vintage and modern furniture. The products are of premium quality. Many products of the company are made based on places the rental home service is located.

This helps in the creation of many unique and fabulous products. Soho Home is available in many cities globally. Moreover, they have an online website that customers can use to see all their products and order them.

55. Barker and Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse is a UK-based furniture retail company that was founded in 1946 by Charles Barker and Alex Stonehouse. The company is headquartered in Stockton, County Durham.

Barker and Stonehouse have an online store for furniture, they have some of the most beautiful elegant furniture and are available at reasonable prices. Other than furniture for the interior one will find furniture for the garden as well as other accessories.

The furniture is mostly of modern designs and looks very elegant and provides warmth to a house. In Barker and Stonehouse there is furniture for every room of the house. There are many types of beautiful chairs, sofas, wardrobes, etc.

The company is part of the trees4trees initiative and for every piece of furniture, they deliver they plant a tree. There are 9 stores of the company spread all over the UK. Moreover, through its website also customers can see and buy their favorite furniture. Through the website, the nearest store of the company can also be located.

56. Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street is a popular UK-based online furniture store that has very unique and unusual types of products. The store has all types of products like decor, lighting, furniture, mattress, storage, and other accessories. Each and every product of the company is very unique. This uniqueness is what makes the beautiful product even more breathtaking.

Not On The High Street focuses on making things that are unique and unusual. The furniture is modern and of excellent quality. There are unique designs for beds, chairs, sofas, and other furniture as well. The products of Not On The High Street are perfect for someone who wants their house to be different and stand apart from others.

57. Pepperfry

The company that ranks first in the list of top 10 furniture companies in India is Pepperfry. The company was founded by 2 ex eBay executives Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah in 2011 in Mumbai. They totally revolutionized the furniture market. Although the company started online in 2014, it opened its first offline store in Mumbai. As of 2019, Pepperfry had about 70 stores in 28 cities spread over India.

Pepperfry is mostly popular because of its modern designs which come in premium finishes. The products of the company are designed very cleanly and compactly which makes them easy to install. Moreover, the materials used to make the furniture are of the best quality.

On top of it, the company gives 12 months of warranty on every product. They offer every type of furniture and every product comes with a huge discount. In 2020, Pepperfry expanded into the home interior decor as well. As it is expensive, the company is partnering with companies like Hettich, Gyproc, Bosch, Siemens, and Kajaria. In 2021, the revenue of Pepperfry was 32 million US dollars.

58. Urban Ladder

The urban ladder is a high-end furniture store based in India. The company was founded in 2012 by Ashish Goyal and Rajiv Srivatsa. Both Ashish and Rajiv worked at McKinsey & Company and Cognizant respectively. The headquarters of the company is located in Bangalore, India.

The urban ladder is a company in which design is prioritized. It was open online when it was founded but offline retail was also opened. This shift to offline mode was to make the company an omnichannel. Urban Ladder is both a furniture and home decor company.

In their store, there are 35 categories of products with more than 5000 different designs to choose from. Here you can find top-rated wooden furniture at a reasonable price, they come with a huge collection of bedroom, living room, and office furniture with a 5 years warranty.

In 2017, the first offline store of the company was opened in Bangalore. And, in 2019, the second founder of the company Rajiv Srivatsa left. In 2020, a 96 percent share of the company was bought by Reliance Retail making it a subsidiary of Reliance. The distribution network of Urban Ladder is currently spread in more than 75+ cities all over India through the online store. Read Also: Types of Ladders.

59. Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal Furniture is an Indian-based furniture company. The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Vamanrai Parekh and Mr. Sharad Parekh. In 1985, the company was incorporated as Creamer Plastic. Originally the company was a plastic molded furniture company. However, in 2004, the name was changed to Nilkamal Ltd.

Nilkamal is the world’s largest molded furniture-making company. The headquarters of the company is situated in Mumbai India. The retail chain of Nilkamal Furniture is known as the @home brand. There are a total of 20 stores in 14 cities in India of @home brand. Nilkamal has many manufacturing facilities spread throughout India in places like Nashik, Sambar, Greater Noida, Sinnar, Barjora, Pondicherry, and Silvassa.

Moreover, there are joint manufacturing venues in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. They have a huge collection of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and office room furniture and the best part is that all are pocket friendly. In 2011, Nilkamal Furniture started manufacturing mattresses as well and this may be stressed and manufactured in two plants of Dankuni and Hosur.

60. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is the company that ranks 4th in the list of top 10 furniture companies in India. The company is a subsidiary of the Godrej group and it started manufacturing in 1923. The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai, India The first product which was manufactured in 1923 was the Godrej storewell cupboard. The company is one of the most popular furniture brands in India. Godrej manufactures furniture for both homes as well as institutions.

The popularity and reach of the company are clearly usual from the market share of the company which stands at 15%. Godrej interior has 56 showrooms in about 20 cities spread across India. Along with these, they have a strong dealership network of around 800 dealers. The manufacturing sides of Godrej interio are located in Maharashtra’s Kalapur, Mumbai, and Shirwal, and in Uttar Pradesh, they are located in Bhagwanpur and Haridwar.

Godrej interio in 2015 introduced you and us to a home designs studio. These studios health people in designing and making the furniture design and interior designing of the house. All these years the company was mainly offline but in 2020 the company launched its E-Commerce platform by the name of Godrej interio.

61. Durian

Durian is another popular furniture company in India. The company was started in 1985 by Ritesh Mohta. The company is the one that pioneered the veneer business. However, over time they shifted to the furniture business as well.

During the initial years, the company imported furniture and then sold them in the market. However, with its growing market, the company opened manufacturing facilities to be able to get customers. Currently, there are about 6 manufacturing facilities in India. The company with its new modular factory has started to take orders from institutions in bulk as well as serve individuals. The company aims to become India’s leader in supplying furniture to institutions.

All over India, there are about 33 stores of the company at present. Along with these, the company has its own online store through which many customers are available whatever they want. The company provides different categories of furniture with different and beautiful designs. The materials used by the company in the manufacturing are of the best quality as well.

62. Royal Oak

Royal Oak is another popular online home furniture store based in India. The headquarters of the company is located in Bangalore India. Royal Oak is a multinational furniture company it sells its products all over the globe. The products of the company and design are based on the following 7 countries: India, America, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

Royal Oak has a large number of products in its store. They provide high-end furniture products and are available at a reasonable price. For the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and office rooms, Royaloak provides great quality furniture with modern designs which look very premium.

63. Wooden street

Wooden Street is the company that is in the 7th spot in the list of top 10 furniture companies of India. The company was started in 2015 by a group of four friends Lokendra Ranawat, Dinesh Pratap, Virendra Ranawat, and Vikas Baheti. Since its foundation, the motive of the company has always been to provide premium quality furniture with different designs but affordable as well.

Innovation has always been at the top of the priority list of the company. The company stresses innovative different designs and styles of furniture to meet the demands of the customers. They have offline as well as online furniture stores. The company delivers its furniture to more than 300 locations across the country.

They have more than 30k Furniture & Furnishing Products in their store. In 2016, the first store, as well as the R&D unit was opened in Bangalore and Jodhpur respectively. In 2017, the company launched its apps both in Android and IOS as well as the number of cities in which the furniture can be shipped increased to more than 100.

64. Hometown

The furniture store “Hometown” started its operation back in 2006. Currently, it is among the top furniture companies in India. Hometown has all the types of furniture one needs. The company is currently owned by Future Group. Hometown gives its customers a large variety of products to choose from and makes their home beautiful according to their needs.

The stores of Hometown are some of the biggest furniture and interior decor ones. Along with furniture, they also provide modular kitchens, tableware, and kitchenware. The company designs its products to make them durable and long-lasting as well. Hometown from its foundation in 2006 till now has 44 stores which are spread in 28 cities all over India. Moreover, they have an online store for those who cannot visit their stores as well.

65. Wakefit

Wakefit is also one of the best online furniture stores in India. The company was founded in 2016 by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. The company’s headquarters is located in Bangalore. The company was founded as a mattress company along with other sleep-related products. The founders wanted to make mattresses more affordable and of great quality.

Wakefit since its foundation has always aimed to provide customers with the best products. Despite this, the company has always been profitable. The company’s increasing popularity led them to expand into the furniture market as well.

They have a huge collection of beds, tables, study tables, office furniture, kid furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. The furniture of the company is found in many different designs. They are affordable, made up of the best quality products, and stylish as well. The company gives huge importance to R&D and after proper research, they start production of any product.

66. Damro

Damro is another best online furniture store and is popular in the South Asian market. The company is originally a Sri Lankan company that is not only a furniture company but also has plantation and electrical appliances in its portfolio. The company was founded in 1986 in Sri Lanka. In the beginning, the company produced only steel furniture but later landed into wood and plastic furniture as well.

Damro is the first Sri Lankan company to open its stores in India in 2000. It is considered by many Indians as one of the best foreign furniture companies. In India, there are more than 175 stores of the company which are distributed in 10 States of India. Some big Indian cities like Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Chennai have their stores.

In 2017, the company expanded into plantation management. Moreover, in the same year, they expanded into the electrical appliances market as well. In 2021, Damro opened 100 stores in Kolkata.

67. Weylandts

Weylandts is the leading furniture store in South Africa. In 1964, Edgar Weylandts started Weylandts furniture stores in Windhoek, Namibia, South Africa. The headquarter is located in Cape Town, Western Cape. Though the furniture company started as an offline store in Africa, it has now become one of the best online furniture stores in South Africa.

It is one of the best stores for all types of home furniture and has enough collections to cater to all kinds of furniture needs for a homeowner. As per Weylandts, currently, in this e-commerce era, shopping for furniture has become easy but yet not less valuable. After searching several e-stores, people get stuck in Weylandts furniture online stores, and that’s why Weylandts never compromise the quality of products whether it’s offline or online.

Customers get their desired furniture in a wide range from this store. Quality, value, sustainability, and design are some of the best traits of Weylandts. Beds, benches, chairs, sofas, stools, tables, outdoor furniture, dining room furniture, etc. are provided in a wide range in the online stores of Weylandts.

68. KNUS

Knus is a well know home decor and furniture store in South Africa. They are popular for their 100% locally designed products. Knus is not at all like other ordinary commercial furniture stores. Here every product is made with the hard work of local craftsmen with simplicity which adds an extra flavor of liveliness to every product. Their products are always ” crafted ” in a limited range to produce less carbon footprint.

Like other stores, Knus is not fond of huge manufacturing with great profit. Rather Knus shows the power of goodwill to the world. Local South African craftsmen work with Knus and deliver every product in your footsteps which opens an employment path for the locals to get rid of poverty. By purchasing Knus home decor, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, outdoor sitting area furniture, etc., you are actually bringing positivity and happiness to your home which enhances your life way better than you think.

69. Block & Chisel

In 1987, Block & Chisel opened its first store in Chelsea village, Cape Town, South Africa. In 2017, Block and Chisel started an online shop for a better customer network. Robin Smith is the owner of Block and Chisel. Furniture ( chairs, sofas, ottomans, stools, beds, benches, consoles, cupboards, cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes, sideboards, shelves), homewares ( mirrors, trays and platters, cushions, throws and quilts, rugs, pots and planters, tableware, scents and candles, bedding) and other furniture as well are provided by Block and Chisel online store in South Africa.

Block and Chisel produce some of the best products with the help of a professional team. In every small and commercial order, Block and Chisel give 100% effort to give the best experience to online customers. Prim Armchairs are among the best-selling products made of traditional and contemporary both styles, becoming customers’ favorite choice.

70. Cielo

Cielo is another best furniture retailer based in South Africa. Cielo started its journey in 2009 in South Africa. It is a subsidiary of Wheco Group ( pty) Ltd, which is an ” importer and wholesaler of homeware products “. Cielo provides doorstep service throughout the nation.

In South Africa, Cielo is one of the best online furniture stores. Best quality products are being provided to the customers with a guarantee of a 14-day money-back challenge if the customer faces any bad experience. Products like kids’ furniture (kids’ bedding, bunk beds, bean bags, tables, furniture), patio and outdoor furniture ( dining sets, outdoor feasting, patio chairs, and couches), living room furniture, office, and lounge furniture are among some of their trendy online products.

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