20 Thrilling Wall Decor Ideas – Give life to your wall!

Do you feel that your home is looking old? Are you sick of your old interior design? Or do you feel that your home needs a desperate interior upgrade? Are you looking for the best wall decor ideas? So let me help you with some great ideas that will inject freshness in your interior design and surely will not bore a hole in your pockets.

Live Wall Decor Ideas which will Cause You to Appreciate
20 Best Wall Decor Ideas

So let us talk about those empty walls which possess infinite possibilities. A little improvement to the empty wall can provide a beautiful mesmerizing fresh look in your house. If you want to make these empty bare walls the centerpiece of your interior design, then this is the right place for you.

20 Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room, Bedroom & Office Wall

First of all, these ideas are budget-friendly so that you don’t have to worry about expenses. Secondly, these ideas are very easy to apply which require minimum skills and negligible professional assistance.

No matter what your style is, you can use these ideas to reflect your personality and vibe and tune up your interior design according to your taste.

The best part about using your walls as a centerpiece of your interior design is that you can create a space that hugs you with the things that you love. Here are the ideas that will surely amp up your walls and add style to your home.

1. Large Scale Art

Nothing grabs more attention than oversized art. If you have an empty space in your bedroom wall, then you should focus on adding some oversized photographs or paintings which will tone the mood of the space.

Wall Decor Ideas - #1. Large Scale Art
Wall Decor Ideas – #1. Large Scale Art

If you are going for a minimalistic look, try adding some monotone or basic colors. This will give you a classy vibe and look expensive.

On the other hand, Vibrant colors add more life to the space which will be great for your room. It will create a happy and joyful interior. Bold colors are perfect for a dining area with minimalistic dark furniture.

Huge large-scale photographs are amazing for the living room, bedroom, or office room because they display a bold and authoritarian aura.

Gallery walls are just an extension of someone’s personality. It reflects memories, vibes, and the nature of a person’s life. Gallery walls are used as storytellers because they are personal reflections of a person’s life and memories.

2. Gallery Wall
2. Gallery Wall

Display a bunch of photographs or any art collection that is close to your heart in a creatively systematic order. This will create an abstract look and make your house look bigger.

Gallery walls are of two types. Either you can create a wall that showcases your personal photographs along with suitably sized artworks or you can purchase curated pre-framed wall art prints.

The first step to start your gallery wall is to collect, collect and collect as many art pieces as you can. Then choose a theme, decide if odd or even number of frames work for you, and pick your arts and place them on your wall.

This type of wall decoration will cost around $250 to $650. It depends on how many sets of Art you need to purchase.

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3. Accent Wall

Add bold colors or vibrant designs to create a unique look that stands out among others. Or, you can go for a simple minimal design with cold colors.

 Wall Decor Ideas - #3. Accent Wall
Wall Decor Ideas – #3. Accent Wall

You can use wallpaper designs or other paint techniques to create an accent wall. These decorative concepts will add more beauty to a small space.

Accent walls are not just about different colors of paints. People also use stone tiles to create accent walls because it also adds a different texture which helps to stand out among the other walls.

The cost for such types of wall decoration may vary from $150 to $850 or even more, depending on the size of the wall and pattern of design.

4. Hanging Mirrors

The mirror makes your home look big and provides reflective lights to your room. Try putting them at an angle to maximize the use of sunlight. This will help the light scatter throughout the room.

Wall Decor Ideas - #4. Hanging Mirrors
Wall Decor Ideas – #4. Hanging Mirrors

Use large oversized mirrors or a bunch of smaller ones in an artistic manner to create a natural reflective look. Mirrors can create a unique aura of space. The average price of such types of mirrors is about $350.

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5. Adding Fabric

Tapestry, wall hangings, or even flags, anything that will add a different look to the wall. These are unique and very unconventional strategies to beautify your walls. These fabrics add popping colors and patterns along with a sense of softness and neutral space.

Adding Fabric
Adding Fabric

One of the easiest ways to hang a tapestry is to use nails or pushpins. Another option to use tapestry is to stretch it over a wooden frame. This method transforms a normal tapestry into a piece of art. Fragile fabrics or tapestry that are considerably small in size should be the best if they are framed properly.

6. Install shelves

If you run out of spaces for your books and stuff, try adding shelves on the walls. They look good and provide extra space for creative decorations. The best option would be to install shelves that extend to the ceiling.

Install shelves
Install shelves

They make your ceiling height look elegantly tall and big. You can fill the spaces with beautiful objects, statues, photo frames, books, flower vases, figurines, etc.

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7. Decorative Plates

This idea is quite old but very effective. Different types of designed Plates are available in the market at a reasonable price. All you have to do is buy some plats according to your choice and then hang them on your empty wall with or without particular order.

Decorative Plates
Wall Decor Ideas – #7. Decorative Plates

They provide an extra subtle accent to the interior. Fine china plates or other ceramic wall plates are elegant are known for their beauty. So, many people hang their fine China plates with a wire plate hanger.

8. Sculptural Sconces

Sconces are modern contemporary light illuminations that not only deliver extra light to the room but also elegant style. Sconces are eye-catching, stylish and provide a modern look to your house. Round-shaped wall sconces provide a classic look to the room.

Sculptural Sconces
Sculptural Sconces

You don’t need to exaggerate things, sometimes a little light makes a huge difference. With a contemporary décor, don’t hesitate to choose a sconce with a modern edge. Horizontal geometric designs align beautifully with contemporary interior designs.

9. Indoor Plants

It’s not a surprise that we are talking about plants here. Indoor plants are being used as interior decoration since a very long time. Plants are not just restricted to gardens, they improve your indoor air quality and give a fresh look to your home as well.

Live Wall Decor Ideas - #9. Indoor Plants
Live Wall Decor Ideas – #9. Indoor Plants

You can try wall-mounted hangers to add a bit of freshness of nature to your walls. Climbers are also a great option that you should definitely check out.

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10. Macrame’ wall Art

As the people say, “old is gold”, these 70s macramé wall arts are back to life in this modern era. People are crazy about their simplicity and ethnicity. These wall arts are generally made of jute and woven fabric.

Wall Decor Ideas - #10. Macrame’s wall Art
Wall Decor Ideas – #10. Macrame’s wall Art

If you want to improve your wall look then hang macramé wall arts to your empty walls, it will definitely improve your house look.

The great thing about this wall art is that it is very easy to make. I would recommend you to do it yourself at least once and I am sure you will like it.

11. Personalized Map

Human always loves to travel to different places. This aspect of your life can be used on your walls. Sounds amazing, right! Add a large map to your room’s décor. It can be a map of a country, city, state, or the whole world.

Wall Decor Ideas - #11. Personalized Map
Wall Decor Ideas – #11. Personalized Map

Now try to pin the places where you want to travel and photographs along with this. This looks fabulous because it is just a reflection of your personality. Or, you can set your won country map to show your love for your nation.

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12. Bamboo Sticks

Bamboo is another material not only used for wall decoration but also used for making house, flooring, roof, etc.

Wall Decor Ideas - #12. Bamboo Sticks
Wall Decor Ideas – #12. Bamboo Sticks

In the above picture, you can see bamboo slices or whole bamboo are used for wall decoration. It gives a very attractive and premium look to your wall.

The making of such types of designs by using bamboo is very easy. Anyone can do it at home without technical skills.

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13. Handloom basket wall

This may sound weird but trust me, at the present time, the handloom basket is one of the most popular decor items.

Wall Decor Idea - #13. Handloom basket wall
Wall Decor Idea – #13. Handloom basket wall

Handloom products are the most preferred option for interior decoration as they are cheap, accessible, and unique and have a style that is unparalleled. If you want to add a classic theme or soft look to your wall, you can choose a Handloom basket.

14. Big Mounted Television

Flat-screen televisions provide an extra option to mount them on the wall. It doesn’t take up much space on your media cabinet and it covers your empty walls effectively, and finally updates the look of the room.

Big Mounted Television
14. Big Mounted Television

There are few televisions that look like a frame when they are off. You can put your TV in an ambient mode which will show pictures according to your liking. Wall-mounted television is always preferred for the living room and also for the master-size bedroom. Although it is an entertainment device used for entertainment purposes, but also improves the appearance of the walls.

15. Creating Constellations

It is a DIY project that you can enjoy doing with your family and kids. Design a multi-layered universe on your wall and enjoy a wonderful time doing that. Since it is DIY, it does not require any assistance and no special tools and materials.

You can use pins or nails in a random pattern and then join them with white threads or steel wires to create a constellation. If you like contemporary designs, trust me there is nothing as simple as this project.

16. Large Sized Wall Clock

What do you think about a large size of wall clock? Believe me, that’s really amazing.

Wall Decor Ideas - #16. Large Sized Wall Clock
Wall Decor Ideas – #16. Large Sized Wall Clock

Just order an oversized wall clock as we showed in the above picture, and install it on your empty wall, that’s all. There are a variety of designs available for such types of clocks, choose according to your choice. At the same time, it will show you “time” and enhance the beauty of the house.

20. Think Outside the Box

When it comes to creativity, literally anything can be used for splendid decorations. Creative decoration does not have any boundary, it varies from person to person. So, even a glass or plastic bottle can be used creatively to decorate your room.

People use wine bottles on their walls to flaunt their lavish lifestyle or some people use rags and plastics and transform them into art. So, if you can try to think outside the traditional and common decorative options, you can have literally anything to be used as a decorative element.

It is not a secret that there are a lot of creative options that are available in the market. Interior wall decoration is very popular because it covers a huge open space that was being unused. A person’s creativity and vision play the most important role in creating a wall design that suits both your personality and your lifestyle.

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