Top 10 Best Cement Companies in India 2023

Top 10 Best Cement Companies in India 2023

Thinking about building your dream house? Well, a dream house is not only about the designs or styling but also the building materials that are prioritized for a healthy, strong as well as a long-lasting (for at least two to three generations) housing.

Keeping these facts in mind, we are here to discuss one of the essential materials which play a crucial role in making the building, i.e. CEMENT.

Before buying cement for any construction, we usually do not want to compromise with the quality of it but sometimes, we have to consider the budget factor also.

Thus, along with a brief understanding of the definition and composition of cement, we will discuss about the top 10 cement Companies or brands in India as of 2023.

Cement is generally a material used for construction, with a binding, hardening and adhesive capacity. When it is mixed with fine aggregate produces mortar, and coarse aggregate produces(like gravel) concrete.

It is basically a calcium-based substance, made up of Calcium Silicates and a little proportion of Calcium Aluminates.

Generally, limestone, clay, mudstone or shale, are the popular and major sources from which, calcium is derived. In addition to this, near about 5% of gypsum is also used for the cement making process.

China leads in the worldwide cement production, followed by India at the second position. India has the potential capacity of producing an average of 151.2 million tons of cement.

For this reason, India has become a nation with about 185 large cement plants. 77 plants are confined only to states of Rajasthan, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh depending upon the geographically favourable locations for limestone production.

First ever Indian cement plant i.e. Indian Cement Company Ltd. was established in Porbandar, Gujrat in 1914.

Although, before 1914, there was a small company called South India Industrial Limited.

Indian Cement Industry has been able to engross huge national as well as foreign investments after the deregulation process in 1982 and to engage ~20,000 people under the downstream sectors for every million tonnes of cement production.

As per the IBEF reports, the production capacity of cement is 502 MTPA (Million Tonnes per Year). By the financial year of 2019 to 2021, the expected capacity addition is 20 MTPA and it is expected that the production will reach 550-600 MTPA by the year of 2025.

Now, coming to the India’s leading 10 cement companies which belong to very high quality. Depending upon the budget and the market availability, any company from the following list can be chosen for the building purpose. Following are the top 10 best cement companies in India as of 2023.

1. Ultra Tech Cement

Ultra Tech Cement is considered to be the leading cement company in India with a market capacity of 219524.24 Cr. grabbing the percentage share as 36.828%. It was started in 1983 and its Head Quarter is located in Mumbai.

There are 22 integrated plants, 1 clinkerisation plant, 27 grinding units, and 7 bulk terminals under this company. It has a consolidated capacity of 116. 8 MTPA and comprises more than 22, 000 employees spread across 5 counties.

It is the largest producer of grey cement, ready mix concrete and white cement in India. In market it goes with the brand name called Birla White in the white cement segment. Ultra Tech Building Solutions (UBS) is there to provide ‘one-stop-shop solutions’ to the individual building developers.

At present contest UBS brand chains are situated in diversified locations in all over India with more than 2500 stores. Ultra Tech is a signatory to the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Climate Ambition, 2050 with a firm belief and aspiration to deliver Carbon-Neutral Concrete by 2050.

It is India’s first and Asia’s second company for issuing the ‘dollar-based sustainability linked bonds’. Moreover, Ultra Tech is bounded to help near about 2.1 million beneficiaries in more than 500 villages in India covering the areas like health, education, community infrastructures, sustainable livelihoods, as well as social causes.

🡆 Establishment: 1987
🡆 Headquarter: Mumbai
🡆 Revenue: Rs. 42,124.00 Cr.
🡆 Market Share: 21.40
🡆 Market Cap (Rs Cr.): Rs. 219524.24 Cr.
🡆 Market Cap (in%): 36.82%
🡆 Capacity (MTPA): 116

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2. Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement Ltd. is the second-largest cement manufacturing company in India. The company “Ambuja Cement” is well known for its ‘sustainable building solutions in the global perspective along with a net profit of 24,148.00 Cr., Market Capacity of Rs. 57,484 Cr., Market share of 6.2%. It was founded in 1983, in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Presently, there are five integrated plants for the cement manufacturing and eight cement grinding units under Ambuja Cement Ltd with 5180 employees. In all over India providing an annual cement capacity of 29.65 million tonnes.

Ambuja cement is built up through a responsible resource usage with a focus on getting profitable growth sustainably and to reduce carbon footprints. 7.1% of its power needs are fulfilled from renewable resources.

Since 2006, Ambuja Cement Ltd. is also a member of ‘Holcim’ which aims to provide environment friendly and sustainable building solutions globally by promoting ‘Green Cities’.

Ambuja Cements Ltd. is associated with 30 functioning ‘Ambuja Knowledge Centres’ across India by serving as a knowledge sharing platform of professional related to construction works. Read Also: Types of Cement.

🡆 Establishment: 1983
🡆 Headquarter: Mumbai
🡆 Revenue: Rs. 24,148.00 Cr.
🡆 Market Share: 6.20%
🡆 Market Cap (Rs Cr.): Rs. 57,484Cr.
🡆 Market Cap (in%): 13.591%
🡆 Capacity (MTPA): 30

3. ACC Cement

With over 90 ready mix concrete plants, 17 cement plants, nine captive power plants, more than 6,600 employees, 50,000 channel partners, ACC cement is one of the leading cement companies in India. It holds a revenue of Rs. 15,398 Cr, and the market capacity of 34,543 Cr with a 6% of the market share and a production capacity of 28.4 MTPA.

F E Dinshaw was the founder of this company. Since its inception in 1936, ACC has successfully contributed in India’s structural development projects with consistency.

It is associated with India’s biggest projects including the Bhakra- Nangal Dam, Mumbai-Pune Expressway etc. There are five subsidiary companies under ACC Ltd. including Bulk Cement Corporation (India), ACC Mineral Resources Limited, Lucky Minmat Limited, National Limestone Company Private Limited and Singhania Minerals Private Limited Along with the profit-making initiatives, ACC Ltd. also focuses on environmental protection, sustainable development as well as corporate business strategies.

ACC become a part of Holcim, Switzerland in 2005. Later, with the merge of Lafarge with Holcim, formation of Lafarge-Holcim took place within the cement map of the world. Being a part of this group, ACC also started to be stronger in terms of research and development in the construction field.

🡆 Establishment: 1936
🡆 Headquarter: Mumbai
🡆 Revenue: Rs. 15,398.00 Cr.
🡆 Market Share: 6.00%
🡆 Market Cap (Rs Cr.): Rs. 34,543 Cr.
🡆 Market Cap (in%): 7.14 %
🡆 Capacity (MTPA): 33.2

4. Shree Cement Limited

In terms of Sales perspective, Shree Cement Ltd. occupies the fourth rank with annual revenue of 13,142 Cr. while, as per the market share dimension (7%), it holds the second rank among the companies based in India.

Initially, it was incorporated by the Kolkata based Bangur family in 1979. In 1984, the initial public offer was made and considered under the listing of National Stock Exchange, Mumbai. The very first integrated plant of 0.6 MTPA came into existence at Beawar, Rajasthan in the year of 1985. In 2009, it becomes India’s first company to produce synthetic gypsum.

It was recognized as the ‘New Sustainability Champion’ by the World Economic Forum. It got the Five Star rating by Whitehopleman for the first time to any cement company in the world. Presently, it holds a production capacity of 29.30 MPTA. Read Also: Necessity of Adding Gypsum (CaSO4) in Cement Manufacture.

🡆 Establishment: 1979
🡆 Headquarter: Kolkata
🡆 Revenue: Rs. 13,142.00 Cr.
🡆 Market Share: 7.00%

5. Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited

Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited, founded by Jaydayal Dalmia as a 100% subsidiary to the Dalmia Bharat Ltd. in the year of 1939, is one of the pioneering cement companies in India. There are thirteen cement plants and grinding units which are spread across the states including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Odisha (Mainly the Eastern States).

The company holds a manufacturing capacity of 30.75 MTPA with a market capacity of 16.343 Cr., 9484 Cr. revenue and a share of 5.5% in the cement market.

It is recognized as India’s largest slag manufacturer as well as a firm leader in super-specialty cement for oil wells, railway sleepers, and airstrips. It has a very high service network of 20,000 dealers and sub-dealers in more than 22 states of India.

Dalmia Cements has a target to become 20 time water positive by the year 2030. It has achieved the rank 1 for ‘business readiness of lowest carbon transition’ in global cement manufacturing sector by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

6. Birla Corporation Limited (Cement Division)

Ten cement plants are there under Birla Corporation Limited within seven locations like Durgapur (West Bengal), Chanderia (Rajasthan), Butibori (Maharashtra), Raebareli & Kundanganj (Uttar Pradesh), Satna & Maihar (Madhya Pradesh). Brands like MP Birla Cement PERFECT PLUS, SAMRAT ADVANCED, ULTIMATE ULTRA, UNIQUE, SAMRAT, ULTIMATE, CHETAK, PSC, MULTICEM & CONCRECEM are counted under the common brand of MP Birla Cement. The varieties of cements under this brand incorporates OPC (Portland Cement), PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement), fly Ash-based PPC, PSC (Portland Slag Cement), Low Heat Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement and Low Alkali Cement.

After the acquisition of the 100% shares of Reliance Cement Company Private Limited has turned into a wholly owned subsidiary of Birla Corporation Limited with three additional cement plants of reliance which incorporates two grinding units at Kundanganj, Uttar Pradesh) as well as Butibori, Maharashtra respectively and an integrated plant a Maihar, Madhya Pradesh. This company has a market share of 3.2% with a production capacity of 15.5 MTPA annual revenue of Rs. 6778 Cr. Currently 5776 employees are working under this company.

7. India Cements Limited

The establishment of India Cements Limited, India’s one of the pioneer cement industry can be traced back to the year of 1946 in the form of a cement factory founded by Shri S N N Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri T S Narayanaswami at a small hamlet called Talaiyuthu in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The real beginning of the enterprise took place with the starting of its very first plant at Sankarnagar (Talaiyuthu) in 1949.

Presently, India Cements Limited runs eight integrated plants in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan whereas, there are two grinding units under this company located at Tamila Nadu and Maharashtra respectively. Its Head Quarter is situated in Chennai.

Production of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) commenced on 16th September, 1999. With 4300 working employees, India Cements comprises a production capacity of 15 MTPA, Rs. 5770cr. of annual revenue and a market share of 3%. Read Also: How to Store Cement in a Proper Way.

8. Ramco Cements Limited

Ramco Cements Limited is another popular south India Based cement company with the Head Quarter situated in Chennai. It acquires a production capacity of 16.45 MTPA within which the satellite grinding units alone stands for 4 MTPA. 3034 workers are there within the shade of this company. This company holds a market share of 3% and annual revenue of Rs. 5, 310 Cr.

It is well known for the production of Ready Mix Concrete and Dry Mortar products also. There are five integrated plants located in Ramasamy Raja Nagar, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu; Alathiyur, Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu; Ariyalur, Govindapuram, Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu; Jayanthipuram, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh and Mathodu, Chitradurga District, Karnataka and whereas, the Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu; Valapady, Salem District, Tamil Nadu; Kolaghat, Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal and Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is also responsible for operating one of the largest wind farms in the country.

🡆 Establishment: 1961
🡆 Headquarter: Chennai
🡆 Revenue: Rs. 5,300.2 Cr.
🡆 Market Share: 3.00%

9. Orient Cements Limited:

Orient Cements was established in 1979 as a part of Orient Paper & Industries but it was demerged in 2012. Since then, it has become one of the fastest growing and top most cement brands in India. Cement production started by this company at Devapur in Adilabad District of Telangana. A split-grinding unit was established at Nashirabad in Jalgaon, Maharashtra in 1997. Commercial proction of cement through the integrated plants started at Chittapur, Gulbarga, Karnataka. This company holds a total capacity of 8 MTPA with a large service area including Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujrat and Chhattisgarh.

Under the brand name of Birla.A1 Premium Cement and Birla.A1 Strong Crete, the product mix like Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) are marketed. Orient cement has been awarded the prestigious TPM (Total Plant Maintenance) excellence award by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. It has been awarded the ‘Green Pro Certification’ by CII Green Products and Services Council for the Birla.A1 Premium Cement (PPC). Products of this brand are suitable for any kind of commercial, residential and industrial construction. Read Also: 6 Ways to Check The Good Quality of Cement on Site.

10. Heidelberg Cement India Limited

This Company is a subsidiary of the Heidelberg Group of Germany. With 1100 employees, Heidelberg has a production capacity of 5.4 MTPA. It holds a market share of 1.1% and revenue of 2,182 Cr. per year. The company mainly operates in Central India, covering the places like Damoh at Madhya Pradesh, Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

Moreover, it has its function in South India also (at Ammasandra, Karnataka). Heidelberg Cements has been able to increase their capacity to the 5.4 MPTA through the process of brown field expansion of the services in Central India in 2013.

Due to the usage of the increased manufacturing capacity, the Company has become able to amplify its market share in the areas of Central India like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as well as Bihar, Haryana and Uttarakhand.

Good quality products along with supportive sales strategies have enable this company to curve out a new brand niche for its brand “mycem” in the new markets. Beside this, it has improved the brand positioning of the existing ones.

A comparative chart for the price range of cement under different brands has been listed below in the table.

Serial NoCement BrandAverage Price/Bag
1.Ultra Tech CementRs. 390
2. Ambuja Cement Rs. 280 -375
3. ACC CementRs. 330-450
4. Shree Cement LimitedRs. 330
5. Dalmia Cement (Bharat) LimitedRs. 320 – 450
6. Birla Corporation Limited Rs. 295 – 350
7.India Cements LimitedRs. 350
8.The Ramco Cements Limited Rs. 345
9.Orient Cements LimitedRs. 245
10.Heidelberg Cement India LimitedRs. 330

All of the aforesaid brands are good in the production and sales perspective. Considering the Top 10 brands, it can be said that as per the availability in the market in different parts of India, any of these can be chosen for a sustainable present and future housing. Apart from the above companies, there are many other brands that are popular in different parts of India which includes J. K. Cement, Konark Cement, Sanghi Ind, JK Lakshmi Cem, Orient Cement, Sagar Cement, Star Cement, Mangalam Cement, Ramcoind, KCP, HIL, NCL Industries, Udaipur Cement, Visaka Ind, Deccan Cements, Saurashtra Cem, Guj Sidhee Cem, Everest Ind, Anjani Cement, Shree Digvijay, Burnpur Cement, Sahyadri Ind, Kakatiya Cement, Niraj Cement, Katwa Udyog, Shiva Cement, Barak Valley Cem, A Infra., Keerthi Ind, Andhra Cement, Skyline Millars, Jaiprakash Asso, etc. Read Also: Quantity of Cement, Sand & Aggregate in M20, M15, M10 Concrete.


What is the Top Cement Brand in India?

Ultra-Tech Cement followed by Ambuja Cement and ACC Cement are the top three cement brands in India.

What are the Popular Cement Brands in South India?

Ramco Cements and Orient Cements are the two major cement brands based in South India.

Where was the first-ever cement plant established in India?

Indian Cement Company Ltd. was established in Porbandar, Gujrat as the first Indian Cement Plant.

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