6 Ways to Check The Good Quality of Cement on Site

6 Way to Check The Good Quality of Cement on Site

To make concrete, there are three main ingredients are used which are cement, aggregate and water. Therefore, to make a good concrete, the quality of the cement should be good. Following are the 6 way to check the good quality of cement on site:

1. A good cement will be always grey in colour, with a light greenish shade.  

2. You will feel smooth when you rub the cement in between the two fingers.  

3. If you feel cool, not warm after you insert your hand into the cement bag, so the quality of cement will be good.  

4. If a hand full of cement is thrown in a bucket of water, first it should float for some time on the surface of the water before it sinks.  

5. A thin paste of cement with water should feel sticky when rubbed between the fingers.  

6. A good quality cement always should be free from any types of lumps, which are mostly formed due to the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere.

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