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How to Store Cement in a Proper Way 

1. The floor of the cement stored room should be at least 60 cm above the ground.

2. Cement bags are arranged on a wood or bamboo bed. The bed will be at least 15 cm above the floor.

3. Cement bags will be at least 30 cm away from any wall of the stored room.

4. Cement bags should be kept on wood or bamboo bed and it should be at least 15 cm above the floor

5. To enter the light and air, there will be some small opening or windows in the room.

6. Cement storage should be avoided in rainy seasons as possible.

7. The cement bags are arranged in such a way that does not have difficulty in taking out or get in other bags, and one-meter wide space should be left to move between two rows of cement bags.

8. Above all, cement is not well to store for a long time.

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