14 Characteristics of A Good Timber

Characteristics of A Good Timber

For good construction, the quality of the timber should be good. Following are the 14 quality or properties or characteristics of a good timber:

Characteristics of A Good Timber

1. Hard and Shiny

A good timber will be enough hard and shiny.

2. Colour

The colour of timber is an indicator of its strength. If the colour of timber is dark its indicates high strength, and light colour indicative of low strength.

3. Smell

There is a sweet smell in a good timber and bad smell indicates decayed timber.

4. Defects

There will be no defects in good timber, they should be free from any types of defects such as flaws, knots, shakes etc

5. Sound

A good timber emits a clear ringing sound when struck each other, but dull heavy sound indicates decayed timber.

6. Water and Moisture absorption

A good timber should not absorb water and moisture from the atmosphere.

7. Toughness

It should be enough tough so that it can resist the shocks due to the vibrations.

8. Durability

Durability is the most important quality of timber. Good durability property of timber ensures their capability of resisting against the action of fungi, chemical and mechanical agencies.

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9. Fire Resistance

A good timber should be well resistant to fire,  and it needs enough heat to cause a flame.

10. Shape

A good timber should be able to hold its original shape during seasoning.

11. Weight

A good timber will always be heavyweight and a lightweight timber is never good. A heavy weight timber indicate their good strength and sound quality.

12. Season

 It should be suitable for all season.

13. Elasticity

A good timber means that it has good elastic properties by which it can return to its original shape when the load is removed from it.

14. Permeability

A good timber should be impermeable. If the water permeability is more, the wood will be damaged. So, timber should have low water permeability.

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