5 Major Types of Wallpaper – You Should Know Before Buying

Different Types of Wallpaper

Interior designing means giving an aesthetic look to your home which will be unique and fresh. In a room, the maximum amount of space is covered by the walls, so they automatically become the prime area to apply your imagination.

Different Types of Wallpaper Available For Your Room Wall
Different Types of Wallpaper Available For Your Room Wall

Wall paints are a nice choice to reflect your personality and vibrancy. But wall paints have somewhat limitations. They become old and out of fashion very quickly.

Now, if you want to renovate your interior wall, it will bore a hole in your pocket. Repainting your walls takes a lot of time and money.

For this reason, people want a new, easy, and cheap solution to redesign their homes completely. This is the place where wallpapers come in to save the day.

Wallpapers were first debuted in Europe around the year 1500. By the year 1750, wallpapers became very popular all over the world. The use of wallpaper has increased as the best alternative of the paint. Wallpapers are unique and cost-effective, and they are very easy to use. Read Also: 40 Paint Colors for Living Room.

They can be used almost everywhere, whether it is your bedroom, living room, or office room. You can use different types of wallpapers for different walls in the same room, which creates a very cool-looking contemporary home.

There are different types of wallpapers, which ranges from paper to PVC vinyl. Installing wallpaper is not a very tough task, you can hire an expert or you can do it yourself.

In recent times, there are a lot of wallpapers available that have pre-applied adhesive, which will stick right onto your wall without any difficulty. Let us learn about some of the different wallpapers that are available in the market.

1. Paper-based wallpapers

Paper-based wallpapers are very breathable and eco-friendly in nature. They are ideal if you are an environment aficionado or a geek of sustainable development. Paper-based wallpapers provide a healthy environment for your room.

Paper-based wallpaper is basically a sheet of paper on which decorative art or designs are printed. After printing the design on the paper, a layer of protection is sprayed over it to protect the printed design.

Paper-based wallpapers are cheaper than other types of wallpapers and they are very widely used wallpapers.

For example, EUROTEX Art & Paintings Wallpaper. This product is very durable, sustainable and very reliable but you need to maintain it properly. This wallpaper is very customizable giving you the option to create a design that you like. Another example is Akadeco Classics Wallpapers.

I have shared two popular and well-known wallpaper brands, it does not mean that other brands are not good. There are several options you can choose from considering your budget.

In modern times, people look at the price tag first because of the inflation. Due to this reason, the company provides cheap wallpaper that is somewhat good but not too much.

Oren Empower introduced DIY wallpapers in India. These wallpapers are waterproof, removable and reusable and have a luring price tag. These wallpapers are the easiest and quickest way to transform a room. Read Also: 20 Thrilling Wall Decor Ideas.

2. Coated Fabric Wallpapers

This wallpaper has fabric as a substrate with a coating of acrylic or liquid vinyl. The art design is printed on this coating. This wallpaper is more suitable for living room areas as it is attractive and long-lasting.

An example is amazing karts nature wallpaper. This wallpaper will give your old walls a fresh new look without any requirement of expert skills. Wipe the surface of the wall and stick this self-adhesive wallpaper to your old walls and create a look that is fresh and according to your taste.

Other examples of fabric wallpapers are DecoreMantra wallpaper, TENIDO Wallpaper, Color Solution wallpaper, etc. These types of wallpapers are easy to install and save a lot of your time.

With the help of this wallpaper and your skills, you can give new look to the living room or office room in just a few minutes. It is a great gift for your loved ones and almost perfect for family lounge, bedroom, living room, office, cafe and restaurant, kids room, nursery room, etc.

It is easy to install on any surfaces you wish to apply these wallpapers. Before it uses on your wall you must clean the wall properly, otherwise, it may not stick properly due to the presence of dust on the wall.

3. PVC or Vinyl Coated Wallpapers

This wallpaper has acrylic vinyl or PVC as the décor material. These wallpapers generally have a paper substrate on which the acrylic vinyl or PVC is added.

Since vinyl is used in these types of wallpapers, they are very long-lasting and attractive in appearance. They are grease and oil resistant, which makes them suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.

Example – Wallgenics Decorative Wallpaper. Wallgenics provide modern wallpapers that are ideal for family lounge, bedrooms, living room, showroom, door, window, hall, kitchen, bathroom, kids’ room, playroom, nursery, shop, restaurant, etc.

Other examples are WallBerry Wall Stickers, UZANIYA, Decal O Decal Stickers, etc.

These wall stickers can change your home look just in a few minutes. They are easy to apply and cost-effective. Simply peel these pre-cut pieces of wallpaper from the parchment paper and apply.

The applied surface should be clean and contamination-free. Simply attach the wallpaper to the surface and press it to remove air bubbles.

4. Paperbacked vinyl

Paperbacked vinyl is also known as solid sheet vinyl. Paperbacked vinyl has a paper substrate that is coated with vinyl plastisol. And finally, together it makes a solid sheet.

They are stain and greaseproof and they also resist moisture which makes them suitable for any place inside your home.

They are practically indestructible, but they cannot withstand hard physical hits.

Example: – Doodad Art & Paintings Wallpaper. Doodad Art wallpaper provides bright walls and saves you from the hassle of painting your walls every festive season. It provides aesthetically designed decorative wallpapers to fulfill your decorative aspirations.

These types of wallpapers can be removed without damaging the walls. Modernize your boring walls with these wallpapers which will mark a long-lasting impression on your guest. Read Also: 26 Types of Curtains.

5. Solid Vinyl Wallpaper

When you laminate a beautifully designed vinyl film on paper or fabric substrate, it is called solid vinyl wallpaper. It is a very durable wallpaper. Since solid vinyl is used instead of liquid vinyl, it becomes more durable than paper-backed wallpaper.

If you need to wash, scrub or you have kids who can damage your wallpaper, then this wallpaper is the best for you.

For example, Uzaniya Abstract Wallpaper. This wallpaper serves as a great option for every person who has aesthetic and elegant taste.

Providing a smooth finish, this self-adhesive wallpaper is an easy and cost-effective option to redesign your home, without any skill or tools.

These wallpapers are oil-proof and water-resistant, which provides protection against stains.

You have a lot of options regarding your interior design. People nowadays opt for more effective and economic ways. For this purpose, wallpapers are the best choice.

They are simple, easy, and durable and provide beauty to the walls without any added headache. Traditional ways to paint a wall are expensive and take a lot of time, on the other hand, wallpapers provide the uniqueness that you were dreaming about, in a few hours. You can choose different types of wallpapers according to your requirements.

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