Top 10 Tiles Companies in India as of 2023

Top 10 Tiles Companies in India as of 2023

What if, you are visualizing walking over a green garden, surrounded by hilly mountains and dense forest, bathing near a riverside or seashore?

Top 10 Best Tiles Companies in India

To take your dream destinations just in your footsteps so many kinds of tiles are available in the market. For the all-over decoration, tiles bring about a fabulous 2D as well as a 3D visual effect to the walls as well as to the floors.

Before choosing the tiles one should be concerned about seven things like quality, likeliness, styles, decency, durability, availability, and affordability.

Based on the demand and affordability top 10 tiles companies in India will be discussed here in detail, but before starting a detailed discussion regarding the tile brands let us discuss the concept of tiles in brief.

Generally, a tile is a thin rectangular or square-shaped object, generally made up of hardwearing materials including stones, metals, ceramics, baked or burned clay, and even glass.

Tiles can be of various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that fit into different kinds of wall décor. In comparison with Granite or Marble, tiles are mainly preferred nowadays because of their quality of stain and stretch resistance, lower maintenance, and simple establishment features. Even the tiles are very less likely to fade away when exposed to direct sun rays or very high or very low temperatures as well.

Tiles are widely used to serve the purpose of flooring in the kitchen, dining, bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking slots as well. For the making of table-tops, kitchen tops as well as rooftops and balconies, tiles are utilized in various ways.

Major components of Ceramic Tiles include red or white clay. The clay is first burned and then it is given a shape for the formation of tiles. A special glaze is used for covering and protecting the tiles. That is how the tiles become durable and strain-free. The color and patterns of the tiles are also results because of this glaze.

The light-weight materials like wood, perlite, and mineral wool are mainly used for making tiles for walls and ceilings whereas, heavy-weight materials like stones, metals, ceramics, and burned clay are preferred for flooring.

Tiles are considered to be one of the most essential materials to solve construction purposes by improving the overall aesthetic appeal of a project. Read Also: Different Types of Flooring

China is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles. They produce more than 5.2 billion square meters of ceramic tiles. China is well-known for tiles customization and export facilities also as it holds the highest position in terms of consumption and exportation also.

Next to China, India holds the second position in terms of the production of tiles by making more than 1.27 billion square meters of ceramic tiles.

The following companies are considered among the top 10 best tiles companies in India to provide smooth, long-lasting, durable, personalized tiles as per the requirement of the Indian customer.

Following is the List of Top 10 Tiles Brand Name List in India as of 2023.

Sl.No.Tiles Brand Name List in India
1. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
2. Somany Ceramics Limited
3. Orient Bell
4. Grindwell Norton Limited
5. Cera Sanitaryware Limited
6.Asian Granito India Limited
7. Nitco
8. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd
9.HSIL Limited (Building Products Division)
10.Varmora Granito Private Limited

1. Kajaria Ceramics Limited

Kajaria Ceramics is the largest tiles company in India. It is also one of the best tiles companies in the whole world. It is very popular for producing wall tiles and vitrified tiles. It holds a market capacity of 15,848.29 Cr. with a market share of 37.15% and a production capacity of 75.12 Million Square Meters (MSM).

This company was established in the mid-1980s by Shri Ashok Kumar Kajaria. Now, its headquarters is located in New Delhi. It exports ceramic and vitrified tiles to more than 30 countries globally. It has been able to set a benchmark in producing quality products through the nine plants located in various states of India including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.

It provides near about 2800 designs in ceramic as well as vitrified tiles in all price ranges. It occupies a Pan-Indian dealership also and has gained a green certificate from the Indian population. Kajaria Units are equipped with modern-age technologies for producing quality materials.

2. Somany Ceramics Limited

Somany Ceramics Limited is ranked second in the list of top 10 tiles companies in India. Somany Ceramics has been founded by Shri H.L. Somany in 1969. It is an internationally acclaimed organization with a specialization in ceramics and allied goods. Somany Ceramics has become one of the obvious leaders in the Indian Ceramic Industry with a recognizable footstep in Africa, The Middle –East, United Kingdom as well as Russia in the last four decades. Read Also: Ceramic Materials – MCQ.

It provides a production facility at Kadi in Gujrat, Kassar in Haryana and other plants of joint ventures. It offers a diversified and huge range of products which include Digital tiles, Bath fitting, Ceramic walls as well as the floor, Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles Sanitary Ware, and many more. With a total production capacity of 60 million square meters annually, this company has become the second-largest tile company in India.

It holds annual revenue of Rs. 1,733 Cr., with a market capacity of 884.03 Cr. and it shares 4.8 % of the market. It has 2267 employees presently working in different sectors.

3. Orient Bell

Orient Bell is considered one of the best tile companies in India, which offers numerous tiles in various shapes and forms including 3D tiles to anti-skid tiles. It was established in New Delhi in the year of 1977. The price range of Orient Bell tiles starts from Rs.36/ sq.ft. Tiles of this brand incorporate glazed floor tiles, full-body vitrified tiles, double-charged, and other popular tile types as well.

It offers more than 500 designs of highly versatile tiles ranging from rustic wooden to marble and a broad portfolio of products with unique features like high resistance to stains and scratching, luxurious tile finish, low maintenance, etc. Glossy, non-glossy, rustic, matte and other popular formats are available in the market under the brand name “Orient Bell”.

I personally like their outstanding feature named “Open Trialook”. Most buyers are confused during choosing the tiles for their dream home. They don’t know which tiles make the look of their home according to their preferences. But don’t worry, Open Triallook has made it easy for you. Before you buy, you can virtually see which tiles will give the most prominent look on your wall. All you have to do is upload your wall picture and that’s it.

4. Grindwell Norton Limited

Grindwell Norton (GNO) is a listed company on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges. It is one of the pioneer companies in manufacturing grinding wheels in India in 1941.

It is considered to be one of the best tiles in India as per total sales and market share are concerned. Saint-Gobain became a shareholder in GNO by acquiring the Norton Company of USA. By increasing its equity stake, Saint-Gobain made GNO the first majority-owned subsidiary based in India.

With 1956 employees, it holds annual revenue of 1,628 Cr., 6,401 market capacity sharing 4.7% of the market. Presently, the group holds 51.66% of the equity capital of GNO.

5. Cera Sanitaryware Limited

Being one of the top Indian Tiles companies with annual revenue of Rs. 1,330 Cr. and a market capacity of 3343 Cr., Cera Sanitaryware Limited offers a very wide range of architectural and designing solutions in terms of tiles production.

Its establishment year can be traced back to the year 1980. It is now headquartered in Ahmedabad with 2587 employees. This company is mainly recognised for its production of digital glazed and unglazed vitrified floor tiles, HD digital tiles, and digital porcelain anti-skid.

This company also produces different wellness products including shower cubicles, steam shower rooms, shower panels, shower partitions as well as pressure pumps.

6. Asian Granito India Limited

Asian Granito India Limited (AGL) has become India’s fastest-growing ceramic-producing company in the last decades as it has grown its capacity to 40 folds of the initial one.

It was established in 2000 and now all the world-class products are made in 8 ultra-modern plants situated in the state of Gujrat. AGL incorporates an extensive network of more than 240 exclusive dealers, 6000 and above dealers as well as sub-dealer covering every state in the Indian subcontinent.

It has annual revenue of Rs. 1,260 Cr. with a production capacity of 35.76 MSM and 2,334 employees.

7. Nitco

Nitco is an India-based tile-producing company which was founded in 1953 by Pran Nath Talwar. 20% of its total production is exported to the countries like United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Oman, UAE etc. Nitco tiles are manufactured in the set-up located in Alibaug, near Mumbai and its headquarter is in Mumbai.

It has five major categories of tiles including Glazed Vitrified tiles, Ceramic Wall & Floor tiles, Vitrified DCH, Vitrified Heavy duty, and Vitrified SST with finishes like Matt, Satin Matt, Rustic, Eclat, Lapato, Barnio Glossy, and Sugar. It has a market capacity of 228.51 Cr., annual revenue of 607 Cr. as well as 1300 capable employees.

8. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd

Simpolo Ceramics and tiles are globally acclaimed for their world-class designs as well as quality. It was established in the year of 1977 in Morbi, Gujrat. It has been able to attract worldwide recognition through research and innovation. This company has received “Bhartiya Udhyog Ratna” from the Minister of State for Shipping, Govt. of India.

Vitrified Tiles, Smart Marble, Outdoor Tiles, Wall Tiles, and Step Riser are the major products that are manufactured under this brand. With more than 500 total employees, this brand generates total revenue of Rs. 500+Cr. with a capacity of 15+ MSM.

9. HSIL Limited (Building Products Division)

One of the leading ceramic companies i.e. HSIL Limited was set up in 1960 with the name Hindustan Twyfords Limited in collaboration with Twyfords of the UK for introducing the vitreous china sanitaryware in India.

It was renamed Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Limited in 1969 and HSIL Limited in 2009. Presently there are 4198 employees (including all divisions) working under this company. It is characterized by a production capacity of 7.2 MSM and a market capacity of 346.66 Cr. and Rs. 1,223.2 Cr. annual revenue. HSIL had been enlisted in the ‘Fortune India 500’ 2018 list.

Presently, HSIL has incorporated four different business segments – BPD (Building Products Division), CPD (Consumer Products Division), and RPPD (Retail Division and Packaging Products Division).

10. Varmora Granito Private Limited

Being one of the leading ceramic companies in India, Varmora tiles represent the uniqueness and sustainable solutions to the manufacture of tiles. This company was established in the year of 1994 by the dynamic leader Bhavesh Varmora. It has now become a blooming global pathfinder of the ceramic business. With more than 500 retail outlets, over 700 dealers, and 1200 employees, this company currently runs 20 branch offices for hassle-free operations.

The company provides sanitarywares, walls, full-body porcelain and floor tiles. Presently, products of this brand are exported to more than seven countries in the Middle East, South Africa, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, etc. It has total revenue of 396 Cr. per year. Presently, this company holds a capacity of 10+ MSM.

11. H & R Johnson

H & R Johnson is one of the most popular and leading tiles companies in India. They not only provide tiles but also marble and quartz. It was established in 1958(India). Here you can find ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and also industrial tiles with several size options as well.

It is very popular for producing tiles for floors, walls as well as terraces. They provide tiles for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, swimming pools, etc. Here you can also get some special tiles such as – cool roof, germ-free, anti-static tiles.

What Are the 3 Major Factors to Consider Before Buying Tiles?

There are many things that are important regarding buying tiles, but from my own experience, I will mention three major important things that one must know.


Most people will tell you about the size, yes, it is important, but I will tell you about the shape and not about the size. When going to buy tiles, we never pay attention to the shape and because of that, we have to pay later.

A tile will be called best when it will be straight enough. It will give you a good floor as much as it will be straight. If it’s curved, it’ll hit your feet and cause discomfort, and you’ll unknowingly blame the persons who installed it.

The shape of the tiles should be straight

In this picture, you can see the truth about the tiles. Both ends of these tiles are on the same level but the middle portion is not at the same level that indicates the curve tiles. If both ends are not at the same level, then you can blame your contractor who installed these tiles. But in this case, this happened due to curved tiles.


Now, 2nd most important point is quality. Quality means how much they are durable. In my experience, I will always prefer double-charged tiles instead of single-charged. Double-charged tiles are more durable and straight than single-charged tiles. No doubt, they will give you a good appearance on your floor. But they are more expensive than single-charged tiles. It may be for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, if your budget permits, then always select double-charged tiles.


The third important point is brand. Always prefer branded tiles, branded tiles always promise quality with minimum defects. I will suggest you to choose the perfect brand according to your budget and requirements. I have already mentioned the top 10 tiles companies in India, but there are also some other popular companies in India like BAJAJ TILES, Rak Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd, Kera Vitrified LLP, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the leading tile manufacturing company in India?

Kajaria is the leading tile manufacturing company in India. But we can say, Kajaria, Somany, Orient Bell, and Grindwell Norton are the top four tile-producing companies in India.

What are the major components of Ceramic Tiles?

Red and White clay are the main components of ceramic tiles.

What should be the main things to keep in mind before buying the tiles?

Seven things should be prioritized before choosing the tiles which include quality, likeliness, styles, decency, durability, availability, and affordability.

Which country leads in Ceramic Tiles Production Globally?

China leads in the production of ceramic tiles by manufacturing more than 5.2 billion square meters of ceramic tiles. Next to China, India holds the second position with the production of ceramic tiles of more than 1.27 billion square meters.

What are the major advantages of Ceramic Tiles?

The major advantages of Ceramic Tiles are as follows.
➽ These are easy to maintain,
➽ These are durable,
➽ These are water-resistant, and
➽ Ceramic Tiles do not cause allergies.

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