Top 10 Tiles Companies in the World as of 2023

Top 10 Tiles Companies in the World

The business of tiles is increasing rapidly in recent years like other businesses as the development of civilization speeds up. Every year, thousands of tile enterprises start with a lot of money, excellent market strategy, and employees but it does not mean every start-up leads to success. Some are doomed in less than one year. Some get lost in debt. Some get stuck among average start-ups. Very few among them learn and observe the market and choose a steady incline with their smart work and passion.

Top 10 Tiles Companies in the World as of 2023
Top 10 Tiles Companies in the World as of 2023

On the other hand, some businesses make it to the top tile market of the world. Despite many ups and downs, those companies rule the tile market globally like no one else. In the world, there are lots of companies in this business, every company has its own history and strategies. Based on their strategies, these companies maintain their market of tiles as top players across the globe. Here are the top 10 tile companies in the world as of 2023.

1. Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries holds the first position among the top tile companies in the world. It is a US-based tile company, and without any doubt, we can say, Mohawk Industries is one of the most popular tiles manufacturers in the USA. The company’s headquarters is located in Calhoun, Georgia, United States. The company produces several flooring products like ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, and many more. Over the years, many companies collaborated and merged with Mohawk Industries. Their total revenue was $13 billion as of 2019.

In 1988, the company was founded in Amsterdam, New York, US. At present time, they have more than 42 thousand employees from the United States, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, and Mexico. Jeffrey Lorberbaum is the chairman and CEO of Mohawk Industries. They have manufacturing facilities in 15 countries—the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, the U.K., Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, and Malaysia.

Whether it is industrial projects, commercial projects, or any residential area, with their huge variety of products they serve their customers commendably. They have many tiles brands as well – Daltile, American Olean, Eliane, Marazzi, EmilGroup, Ragno World, Kerama Marazzi, and KAI Group. According to the Daltile brand, they provide one-third of tiles in America. American Olean is another popular tiles brand for any residential area. They have modern designs that fit very well in all kinds of living spaces. With all these child companies and tremendous amounts of product, Mohawk Industries remain first in the top tiles companies list globally.

2. SCG Ceramics, Thailand

SCG Ceramics is not just one company. It is a mix of five companies – Thai Ceramic Co. Ltd., Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Ltd., Sosuco & Group Co. Ltd., Gemango Co. Ltd, and The Siam Ceramic Group Industries Ltd. In 2018, SCG Ceramics was founded in collaboration with these five groups.

The Company’s headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Kan Trakulhoon is the CEO of SCG ceramics. The company exports its products to many countries like Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, and many more. At the present time, SCG Ceramics is well known as a leading ceramic tile manufacturer with a variety of products. They produce around 94 million square meters of tile every year. They have a 58% share in the Thai market.

SCG Ceramics not only produces tiles but also extends its business in the distribution and installation of its products. They have tiles brands like Cotto, Campana, Sosuco. Thai brand COTTO is well known as a world-class manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware. Meanwhile, the Campana and Sosuco come with a variety of tiles collections with the best in quality.

3. STN Ceramica

STN Ceramica – STN Ceramica acquires the third position in the list of top 10 tiles companies in the World. STN Ceramica is proudly distributing its products in almost 120 countries for more than three decades. The company primarily belongs to Spain but they also have a lot of demand in the European market.

The company was started in 1902 in the name of Cerámica Nulense. Thirty years ago, they only had 32 workers. Now, they have 225 workers who can make 34 million square. meters of ceramic tile annually.

Their product is popular for exceptional high-shine finishes. They have porcelain, marble, red stoneware, glazed tile, color body tile, wall tile, etc. The company is 9001 ISO standard certified. The company uses high technology for their products to get extra shine and that makes the company exceptional as well as special in the global tiles market

4. Grupo Cedasa

Grupo Cedasa is the largest tile company in Brazil and one of the most popular tile companies in the whole world as well. The Pascon family founded it in 1990 as a small segment with a monthly production capacity of 300 thousand sq. meters. Now, this company can produce more than 5.5 million square meters monthly. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Gertrudes. Cedasa company has reached a good place in the global tiles market in a very short span of time.

Cedasa Grupo is a very popular name in Latin America for its modern tile. They have beautiful porcelain tile, premium tile, ceramic tile, natural marble, etc. With a huge variety of products, Cedesa is ruling the tiles market with pride. Their mission is to produce quality products that will be excellent and budget-friendly. The company has some popular brands – Majopar, Vista Bella, and Lorenzza.

5. Carmelo Fior

Carmelo Fior, another brazil based ceramics company acquires a position in the list of the top 10 tiles company in the world. Since 1980, Ceramica Carmelo Fior Ltda is run by a family venture. They produce more than 1000 direct jobs through their company. They offer a huge collection with huge color and design options that will make you pick up after viewing.

They have four factories where they can produce 8 million sq. meters of tile every month. The company serves its product in more than fifty countries. They manufacture a wide range of products like ceramic tile, porcelain tile, vitrified tile, natural stoneware, HD tiles, and many more. This Brazilian company has many brands as well – Ariell, Vinyl Forte, Pisoforte, Cecafi, Fioranno, and Idealle.

6. Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics is one of the best tile companies in the world. India is the domestic market of Kajaria ceramics. It was established in 1988 by holding the hand of Ashok Kajaria who is now the chairman and M.D. of the company. The company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi.

The company worked very hard to get the position where it is today globally. They have a very good strategy for the distribution of products in the international market. Currently, the company distributes its products in more than 35 countries. They have an annual average production capacity of 84.5 mn. sq. meters.

The company is very popular for its premium wall tiles that are strong, durable, and easy to install and maintain. Kajaria Ceramics has more than 3000 ceramic tile designs. The primary products are bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles, rustic wall tiles, floor tiles, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, polished vitrified tiles, eternity-glazed vitrified tile, metallic ceramic tile, metallic kitchen tile, etc.

If we look at their achievement, then we can see they received Superbrand awards, 12 times in a row. They received the “Asia’s Most Promising Brand” award in the Premium Tiles category. The company itself mentioned that they use cutting-edge technology and there is zero chance for human error. The company is the most trusted brand all over the Asian subcontinent. It is expected that Kajaria Ceramics will double in size by 2027.

7. RAK ceramics

RAK Ceramics is one of the best and largest tile brands in the world. RAK Ceramics was founded by Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1989. The company’s headquarters is located in Ras Al – Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Abdallah Massad is the CEO of this company. In 1993, RAK Ceramics inaugurated its first sanitaryware plant in Ras Al Khaimah, meanwhile, it opened its first overseas plant in Bangladesh in 2000.

The primary products manufactured by this company are – ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, kitchen fittings, tableware, tile adhesives, and interior ancillary products. Rak Ceramics has a good focus on tiles, bathware, porcelain tableware, and faucets. They have ten tile plants that can produce 110 million square meters of tiles every year, 5 million pieces of sanitary ware, 24 million pieces of porcelain tableware, etc.

The company has fifteen thousand employees from UAE, Iran, India, Europe, Bangladesh, Singapore, East Africa, Australia, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Egypt, Sudan, China, Philippines, Lebanon, Switzerland, Armenia, Syria, Italy, and Morocco. The company serves its products in various countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa continents.

They are rapidly expanding their business in India and Bangladesh. They produce and supply a huge number of tiles without compromising their quality. They have received several awards in this field like – the “Silver Winner Award for Design Conclave 2022”. RAK Ceramics is very famous for its glossy and matte finish of products which attracts customers spontaneously.

8. Grupo Lamosa

Grupo Lamosa is a Mexican company founded in 1890 as a small brick factory. In 1933, this company emerged as the first manufacturer of tiles in Mexico. They took a long period of time to spread their business throughout the globe with their amazing products. As a result, the company increased its production by 40%.

The company’s headquarters is located in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico. They supply their products to almost 50 countries including Turkey, Spain, China, Italy, and Argentina. They have several brands – Lamosa, Porcelanite, Gala, Euro Ceramica, Roca, Incepa, Firenze, etc.

Though 20% of the company’s production is consumed by their own country, still they manage to export their product to South and Central America. Their hard work with quality products makes them one of the best tile companies in the world. Grupo Lamosa produces many products like porcelain tile, ceramic tile, wall and floor tile adhesives, grout, waterproofing solutions, etc.

9. Pamesa Ceramica

This is another popular company in the world that is based in Spain. Since 1972, they have been ruling the global tiles market for five decades. The company can produce 80 million square meters of tiles every year and the annual turnover of this company is 5 billion Euro.

The company has every exact product that can mesmerize its customers – marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tile, stoneware tiles, Ceramic tiles, etc. They are emphasizing technology-based innovative products which will be eco-friendly in nature. Innovations, bio-friendly methods, and goodwill towards their employees are the key to the success of Pamesa Ceramica all over the world.

10. Grupo Fragnani

Grupo Fragnani is another popular tile company based in Brazil. For their quality products and international reach, we take them in the list of the top 10 best tiles companies in the world. The company was founded in 1971 by Valdemar Fragnani.

The company’s headquarters is located in Cordeiropolis. Though Brazil is the third largest consumer of ceramic tiles, they still export a good amount of products internationally. Whether customers want bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, this company has every exact product that can match their desired look.

They are very popular for HD tiles, porcelain tiles, 3D tiles, etc. People call this company a South American giant of tiles. Sustainability, longevity, and durability are the main focus of their tile production. The company has 4 brands – InOut, Porcelanato, Tecnogres Porcelanatos, and Incenor Incefra.

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