8 Objectives of Air Conditioning

Objectives of Air conditioning

Air conditioning is known as the process of creating, controlling and maintaining indoor atmospheric conditions best suited to human or industrial needs. Following are the 8 objectives of air-conditioning.

8 Objectives of Air Conditioning

1. One of the main objectives of providing air conditioning is to control indoor temperature. Air conditioning systems help regulate and maintain a comfortable level of temperature for the occupants., especially during hot weather.

2. Air conditioning not only helps control temperature but also reduces excessive humidity levels and creates a more pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

3. To give pleasant conditions in restaurants, cinema halls, auditoriums, etc.

4. Keeping a comfortable environment through air conditioning can improve productivity, particularly in workplaces. It helps to enhance the efficiency of commercial establishments like offices, shops, stores and banks.

5. To provide comfortable conditions while travelling by car, aeroplane, train, etc.

6. To enhance product quality in manufacturing processes such as cotton cloth, artificial silk, etc.

7. Air conditioning can also enhance the ventilation process by ensuring proper air circulation. It also helps to remove dust, allergens, pollutants, and odours and improves the overall indoor air quality.

8. The air conditioning system helps in improving the comfort level of the residents. And this is the ultimate purpose of providing air conditioning.