Roadside Development and Arboriculture – MCQ

Roadside Development and Arboriculture – MCQ

1. What is the purpose of trees planting on the roadside

a) To act as wind breaker for the traffic
b) To stabilize the formation
c) To provide shade
d) All of these ✅

2. Arboriculture means _______

a) Tree culture ✅
b) Wood Culture
c) Apiculture
d) None of these

3. Roadside tree should demand ________ amount of water

a) high
b) medium
c) less ✅
d) very high

4. Spacing between two trees along the carriageway should be between ____ m to _____ m

a) 3 to 6 m
b) 5 to 8 m
c) 7 to 10 m
d) 9 to 12 m ✅

5. The operation of loosening soil around tree is known as

a) Hoeing ✅
b) Pruning
c) Lopping
d) Felling

6. Tree guards are provided for

a) Protecting young plant
b) Defending from animal
c) All of these ✅
d) None of these

7. Which process is useful for making a tree grow straight and dense

a) Hoeing
b) Pruning ✅
c) Felling
d) None of these

8. The tree should be planted _______ m away from the centre of the carriageway

a) At least 20
b) At least 16
c) At least 12 ✅
d) At least 8

9. Arjun trees are suitable for

a) Sandy soil
b) Loamy soil ✅
c) Clayey soil
d) None of these

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