Safety Against Fire in Theatres and Cinemas

Safety Against Fire in Theatres and Cinemas

Cinema halls and theatres are such public buildings where people are gathered in very large numbers. If proper fire registering measures were not taken, loss of life may be very large in case of fire break out. The following are the measures that should be taken to making them fire-resistant:

Safety Against Fire in Theatres and Cinemas

1. Projector room and the room where the script is reminded should be made properly fire-resistant.

2. Safety lights play a very important role in case of fire break out. safety lights must be provided in all the rooms. connection and operation of safety lights should be separated from the main lighting because, if the main light goes off due to fire, safety lighting may be put on the facilitate the clear visibility, so that occupants may escape safely.

3. All the passages and gangways should be centrally located and designed in suitable widths. They should also be rendered fire proof.

4. The escape doors and exit doors should be properly marked and illuminated so that they could be easily located even in darkness.

5. Suitable fire fighting appliance should be provided at all important locations and the staff should be trained to use them in case of fire.

6. Smoke detectors and fire alarm should be installed.

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