Asunciòn City – The Most Famous City in Paraguay


The most famous city in Paraguay is Asunciòn, the capital city of Paraguay lies along the Paraguay River; the fifth largest river of South America. The city is widely known as ” the mother of cities ” because it is one of the oldest and longest inhabited regions of the river basin. The city is a remarkable place among foreign visitors as it is one of the cheapest as well as safest cities in Latin America.

The city is located in the South-west part of Paraguay and creates a natural border between Argentina and Paraguay. The city has some of the most beautiful landscapes of that region; small hills which present an eye-arresting view in Spring due to Lapacho blossoms, large Paraguayan meadow landscapes, low hills like Cachinga, Tarumà, Clavel, and many more.

Asunciòn has a total population of 540,000. The city’s population accelerated lately due to immigration within the country. The city is remarked as “the least expensive” to live in for the low cost of land. Around 65% of people in the city are very young. Mostly 90% of the Asunciòn people believe in Catholicism. Inside the city two languages are widely spoken – Paraguayan Spanish and Guarani. A small section of people also speak a mix of Spanish and Guarani languages.

Asunciòn is always crowded throughout the year by foreign travelers for its easy-to-travel atmosphere, low-cost accommodations, etc. Some hugely popular tourist places are -1. The Metropolitan Cathedral 2. Colonial architecture – Casa de la Independencia 3. Calle Palm – a place of historical buildings, shops, plazas, and restaurants 4. Manzana de la Rivera – place of traditional homes 5. The old railway station – now showcases as Museum 6. San Bernadino – a beautiful lake heavily liked by travelers in warm weather. 7 Godoy Museum. 8. La Galeria – the new yet largest shopping mall in the country.

The main sport of Paraguay is Association football and the main football stadium is Defensores del Chaco, just a few miles away from Asunciòn. Asunciòn is also known as the heart of the rugby union of Paraguay.

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