Sydney – The First and Oldest city in Australia

Do you know which is the oldest city in Australia? It is Sydney City. Today, Sydney is considered one of the most famous and beautiful cities not only in Australia but also in the entire world. Sydney is also the 2nd largest city in Australia(by urban area population) after Melbourne city.

Sydney - The First and Oldest city in Australia


Sydney is the first and oldest city in Australia. The city always holds a good position in the list of the top ten world’s most lively cities. Though it is believed that from more than 30,000 years ago, Sydney is the home to the Aboriginal Australian, modern Sydney is something that we can not just get over without getting awestruck.

Native Sydney people are basically from three clans – Dharug, Dharawal, and Eora. Around 35 % of the native Australian people lived in Greater Sydney. The city spreads across a total area of 4,775.2 square miles. As of 2022, Sydney has a population of over 5, 297,089.

In 1770, Australian Island like Sydney came to the forefront of the world map through the First Voyage of James Cook in the Pacific Ocean, and James Cook named it Port Jackson now it is known as Sydney Harbour. The first meeting between native Australians (Aboriginals) and British men was held on 29 April 1770, when James Cook landed at Botany Bay. In January 1788, Sydney City was established as a British penal colony.

From the time of world war 2, immigration happened on a large scale and in the 20th century, the percentage of immigrant people living in Sydney is much higher than the actual native Australians.

The location of Sydney city is just accurate to build a strategy based well-planned city with magnificent structures and well-established life. Sydney’s weather also plays a great role in its development. Apt weather for international travelers from 23 °C in January to 13 °C in July Creates no obstacles in watery activities in the Pacific or night roaming in the city for travelers of Sydney.

This region of greater Sydney spread across “tall mountains to blue Pacific and from Lake Macquarie to Botany Bay “. Sydney Airport is just 8 km away from the central business district of Sydney, New South Wales. The famous Harbour Bridge is located in this city.

It is said that Sydney somehow looks like a mini version of Manhattan. Even far from many miles in the Pacific, one can identify Sydney with a majestic view of its Steel Arch Shaped Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, and Opera house.

Sydney does not have the greatest number of tallest buildings but still, its strategic position, beautiful and marvelous construction, blue bays, harbor, pleasant weather, national parks, Parramatta and Hawkesbury River, etc. make this city a wonderful place to live, travel and work.

Whether it’s day or night, one can not take its eyes off the most contrasting yet beautiful view of Sydney as Pacific water and buildings create a stunning view in the reflection. Sydney is the financial hub of Australia for its mining, wool market, banking, etc. Tourism in the city also has a huge impact on the Australian economy.

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