Sydney Harbour Bridge – The Famous Bridge in Australia

In Australia, there are several famous bridges like – Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sea Cliff Bridge, Story Bridge, Matagarup Bridge, etc. Do you know which one is considered the most famous bridge in Australia? It is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - The Famous Bridge in Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most famous bridge in Australia, remarkable for its beautiful arch shape. The bridge was built in 1932 as a significant project in the making of today’s Sydney era. The vast arch-engineering techniques have made the bridge very famous as compared to other bridges. Australian engineer John Job Crew Bradfield had an eye on the project and managed it thoroughly at the time of its construction.

The length of the bridge is 1,149 meters or 3,770 feet and the height is almost 134 meters or 440 feet. The total width of this bridge is 160 feet. More than 1.5 billion Australian dollars were spent to make the Bridge. “The Coathanger” is the nickname of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and local people call it by this name.

The construction of the bridge was started in 1923. It is said that 53,000 tonnes of steel were used in the construction of the Bridge. This beautiful piece of engineering is made of steel. Spanning Sydney Harbour from Central Business District to the North Shore.

There are three examples of fascinating architecture- The Arch Bridge, The Harbour, and The nearby Opera House have made this sect of Australia widely popular. The bridge has a good load-holding capacity and serves all types of transport mediums – rail, roads, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Located above Lane Cove and Parramatta River, the bridge is very close to Port Jackson. Starting from Dawes Point, the Bridge ends in Milsons Point. After the construction, maintenance of the Bridge is transferred to the “Transport for NSW”. Every five years, the Bridge is repainted.

Sydney Harbor Bridge has been listed in the Australian National Heritage list. Tourists have been drawn towards the heritage bridge even in the time of its construction. After the inauguration of the Bridge, the cafe, Aboriginal museum, pachometer, telescopes, copper cladding, etc. are some of the most eye-capturing and soul-soothing facilities which are kept as an attraction for the tourists. And an observation platform to look around, it’s really outstanding.

The bridge facilitates many adventures such as jumping in Luna Park, Cockatoo Island. People can legally climb the bridge for adventure purposes. The Sydney Harbor Bridge has witnessed some of the most iconic moments like – the Sydney Olympics 2000, the First drive of Williams – BMW Formula One Car by Mark Webber, etc. And many more to go. More than 160,000 cars use the bridge as a gateway every day.” It is widely claimed that Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch Bridge”.

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