Frankford Avenue Bridge – Oldest Bridge in the USA

Frankford Avenue Bridge is the oldest bridge in the USA, located at Frankford Avenue(U.S. 13), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is not just a bridge, it is the evidence of the oldest civil engineering footprint.

Frankford Avenue Bridge is also known as King’s Highway Bridge, Pennypack Creek Bridge, and Holmesburg Bridge. This bridge is 22 meters or 73 feet long.

The bridge was built in 1697 using stone. It is the oldest stone arch bridge in the U.S. that passed over Pennypack Creek (a narrow waterway).

This is an aglow engineering remark for that time. In 1970, this bridge received an award from the “American Society of Civil Engineers” for its excellent engineering achievement and to be a historic civil engineering landmark.

FAQs on Frankford Avenue Bridge

Which is the first bridge in the USA?

Frankford Avenue Bridge is the first ever made bridge in the USA, this is a stone arch bridge. It is still in usable condition.

When First bridge made in the USA?

The first bridge in the USA is Frankford Avenue Bridge which was built in 1697.

What is the alternative name for Frankford Avenue Bridge?

The alternative name of Frankford Avenue Bridge is King’s Highway Bridge or Holmesburg Bridge or Pennypack Creek Bridge or sometimes it is also called Pennypack Bridge.

What is the length of Frankford Avenue Bridge?

Frankford Avenue Bridge has a length of 22 meters or 73 feet.

What is the location of Frankford Avenue Bridge?

The Frankford Avenue Bridge is located on U.S. Route 13 (Frankford Avenue), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over Pennypack Creek.

Which is the oldest bridge in the USA?

Frankford Avenue Bridge is considered the oldest bridge in the USA.

Who requests to build the Frankford Avenue Bridge?

William Penn requests to build this bridge to connect his mansion with the city of Philadelphia.

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