Humber Bridge – UK’s longest single-span suspension Bridge

Do you know which is the longest single-span suspension bridge in the UK? It is the Humber Bridge. This bridge is located in England, United Kingdom. Let’s know more about this bridge.

Humber Bridge - UK's longest single-span suspension Bridge

Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge is the UK’s longest single-span suspension bridge. The total length of this bridge is 2220 meters or 7280 feet or 2.22 km or 1.38 miles. The longest span length is 1410 meters or 4,630 feet which makes it UK’s longest signal span suspension bridge.

The height and width of this bridge is 155.5 meter and 28.5 meters respectively. The Humber Bridge was officially opened on 17 July 1981. The bridge is built over the Humber River.

Humber Bridge officially opened on 17 July 1981. The estimated construction cost was 98 million euro but with interest, it was around 151 million euro. Around 17,000 vehicles per day used this bridge to reach their destination.

When it opened, the bridge was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world until 1998. The Humber Bridge is included in Grade I Heritage Status as a heritage structure in the United Kingdom.

The man behind this extraordinary bridge design is Bernard Patrick J. Wex, a civil engineer mainly famous for the design of bridges. In 1964, he designed the bridge that you see today. In 1985, Bernard Wex was awarded the Telford Medal for his remarkable work.

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