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Choice Of Types Of Dam

The choice of types dam according to their topography, particle in earth, shape, spillway, stability, areas, etc. are described below.
Choice Of Types Of Dam
Choice Of Types Of Dam

A. According To Topography

  • For sloped earth surface – Earthen dam.
  • For a rigid area – Concrete overflow dam.
  • For valley area – Arch dam.

B. According To Particle in Earth

  • Good soil areas – Any types of dam.
  • In granite, basalt areas – Concrete gravity dam.
  • Alluvial areas – Earthen dam, Down concrete dam.
  • Clayee areas – Earthen dam.

C. According To shape And Position Of Spillway

  • For large spillway – Overflow concrete gravity dam.
  • For small spillway – Earthen dam.

D. According To Breadth And Height Of Dam

  • Large in length and small in height – Earthen dam.
  • Large height and small length – Concrete gravity dam.

E. According To Stability

  • For some time – Timber dam.
  • For middle time – Earthen dam.
  • For a long time – Concrete gravity dam.

F. In Earthquake Areas

  • Earthen or concrete gravity dam.

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