Difference Between Activated Sludge Process And Trickling Filter

Difference Between Activated Sludge Process And Trickling Filter

Biological oxidation at present is carried out either by activated sludge process or by trickling filters. The basic differences between the two processes are given below.

Activated Sludge Process

1. In the activated sludge process, the bacterial film is contained in the fine suspended matter of sewage and this film is kept moving by constant agitation.

2. Cost of installation is low.

3. There is no fly or odour nuisance.

4. Loss of head through the treatment plant is comparatively low.

5. This process requires a small area of land.

6. This process is sensitive to certain types of industrial wastes.

Trickling filter

1. In trickling filters, the bacterial film is formed around the particles of contact material and it is stationary.

2. Cost of construction is high.

3. The process may develop fly nuisance and bad odour.

4. Loss of head through the filter is high.

5. It requires a large land area.

6. Trickling filters are flexible in operation. They can be used for the treatment of a variety of sewage having different concentration and composition.