Divide Wall And Their Function

What is Divide Wall?

The divide wall is masonry or a concrete wall constructed at a right angle to the axis of the weir and separates the weir proper from the under sluices.

The top width of the divide wall is about 1.5 to 2.5 m.these walls are founded on wells closely spaced beyond the pucca floor up to the end. the wells are taken well below the deepest possible scour.

Function of Divide Wall

The main functions served by the divide wall are:

1. It separates the under sluices from the weir proper since the crest level of the under sluices is lower than that of the weir proper, the two must be separated and this is being done by the divided wall.

2. It helps in providing a comparatively less turbulent pocket near the canal head regulator, resulting in deposition of silt in this pocket and thus to help in the entry of silt-free water into the canal.

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