7 Methods of Improving Duty of Water

Methods of Improving Duty of Water

Following are the 7 methods that should be practised for improving the duty of water:

7 Methods of Improving Duty of Water

1. Proper Ploughing

The duty of water is high in case of deep and proper ploughing because it helps to increase moisture retaining capacity of the soil for a long period. So, the duty of water should be improved by avoiding shallow ploughing and adopting deep ploughing.

2. Crop Rotation

The rotation of crops must be practised to increase the fertility of the soil as well as to increase the moisture-retaining capacity of the soil.

3. Method of Irrigation System

The duty of water is high in the case of perennial irrigation system because, in this system, the head regulator is used. So, by using this type of irrigation system, the duty of water can be increased.

4. Implementation of Tax

The water tax should be implemented based on the water consumption volume. As a result, the farmers will use the water economically, and thus the duty of water will be high.

5. Frequently Cultivation

The land should be cultivated frequently because frequent cultivation minimizes the loss of moisture from the soil.

6. Canal Lining

The canal lining should be done such a way that it reduces the percolation loss of water.

7. Transmission Loss

To overcome transmission loss of the water, the canals should be as possible as near to the cultivated land.

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