Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Austria as of 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 tallest buildings in Austria as of 2023. Buildings, structures, and monuments always play a significant part in the history of human civilizations. We still get awestruck by seeing those ancient formations showcasing our ancestor’s abilities. People of this generation try their best to match those kinds of engineering with modern technology and aesthetics. In Europe, Austria is a country famous for its palaces, buildings, and several architectural works. Although this country is not famous for tall buildings, still they have some tall buildings which are enough to make their city look outstanding. Here are the top 5 tallest buildings in Austria as of 2023. Let’s take a look –

Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Austria

1. DC Tower 1

DC Tower 1 is the tallest building in Austria located in Vienna DC, Austria. It is the tallest skyscraper in Austria. The building is basically used for office and administration purposes. The tower is a wonderful workplace for several companies, hotels, etc.; Baxter International and Strabag Metallica Gmbh are among them. DC Tower 1 is the first choice for many brands as their office which has increased the importance and value of this building to a much higher level.

Construction of DC Tower 1 started on 17th June 2010 and finished in 2013 after 3 long years. Though the construction of the tower was completed in 2013, former pilot and astronaut Buzz Aldrin officially inaugurated the building on 24 February 2014. It is a 60-story building. The height of DC Tower 1 is 220 meters or 720 ft. The most famous architect Dominique Perrault, the designer of the French National Library, has designed DC Tower 1.

2. Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower ranks 2nd in the list of tallest buildings in Austria. The tower is located near the river Danube in Handelskai 94- 96, Vienna, Austria. Dresdner Strabe is just a ten-minute walk from the millennium tower. The building is 561 ft or 171 m tall but with its antenna, the total tower height is 663 feet 202 meters. It is a 50-story building used for official as well as residential purposes.

Construction of the Millennium Tower started in 1997 and in a quick span of time, the building was completed in 1999. The tower is made in ” an average of 2.5 floors a week “. The tower is made with modern building technology. With the help of the three best architects ( Gustav Peichl, Boris Podrecca, and Rudolf Weber ), this marvelous tower was built.

The area where the tower is located is known as Millennium City. Most of its floor area is used for office purposes and the rest is used for multiplex, restaurants, and residents. Some Big companies like Agip, Cisco, Carlson Wagonlit, inter alia Cirquent, Trivadis, CSC, and Xerox are official tenants of Millennium Tower. Millennium Tower is the home of” Austria’s largest cinema complex “.

3. IZD Tower

IZD Tower is the 3rd tallest building in Austria. The tower is located in Vienna. The construction work of this tower was completed in 2001. This tower has a total of 41 floors. The height of this building is 459 feet or 140 m, and with its antenna spike, the total height is 162 meters or 531 feet.

4. Vienna Twin Towers ( Tower A and B)

Vienna Twin Towers ( Tower A and B) – A pair of towers popularly remarked as A and B towers are standing still in Winnerberg, Favoriten, Vienna in Austria. The ” building complex” was started in the year 1999 and was completed in 2002. Tower A has a height of 138 meters or 453 feet whereas Tower B is 127 meters or 417 feet tall. Vienna Twin Towers(Tower A) is considered the fourth tallest building in Austria. Whereas Vienna Twin Towers(Tower B) is considered the fifth tallest building in Austria.

Both towers have 37 floors. Massimiliano Fuksas is the architect of the twin towers. High tech style was used to build the two towers. These two towers are basically used for commercial and residential purposes. Movie theaters, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, etc. are available in both towers. The Twin Tower also has a huge parking area of more than 1000 places. Vienna’s twin towers are connected to each other through many bridges and paths to easily go from one building to other.

5. Vienna International Centre ( Building A )

Vienna International Centre, commonly known as VIC is basically the ” United Nations Office at Vienna “. The building is 127 meters or 417 ft tall. Many years before this modern generation, the construction of VIC started in 1973 and the building was completed in 1979. The total floor area of this building is around 230,000 m2.

This 27-story building is designed and constructed by Austrian architect Johan Staber. It is located in Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria. Banks, post offices, and many other commercial works are done here. Formerly VIC was very popular in the world as the ” most modern skyscraper in Austria ” during its construction time. Note: Vienna Twin Towers(Tower B) and Vienna International Centre ( Building A ) both are 127 m in height and both are considered the fifth tallest buildings in Austria.

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