Top 5 Lighting Companies in India | Best Lighting Brands 2023

Top 5 Lighting Companies in India

A developing nation like India with more than 1.47 billion people, never sleeps. Every person is hustling and trying in their own way and in their own specific field to get their covetable positions. In this 21st century, there should be no basic obstacles in their path like not having good quality lights as limitations.

Top 10 Lighting Companies in India - Best Lighting Brands 2023

Generations upon generations have gone and different lighting techniques and facilities have come to the forefront. Now as time passes by more and more good quality lighting is being marketed which is made very consciously on the concept of producing less carbon footprint.

Every well-established business in the world has a strong hold in the Indian market. And as Indians, we accept everyone and everything wholeheartedly. So, choosing lighting brands that meet our requirements and demands is not an exception.

In 2023, there are several brands from other countries as well as India who are ruling the Indian lighting market dominantly. India is a vast market for LED lights. And nowadays we always need good quality light for our close-ended spaces like offices or even houses. Every year many lighting brands are making headlines in the news but in the long run, few can survive.

Here are the top 5 lighting companies in India that are ruling the Indian market in 2023.

1. Philips electronics
2. Havells India Limited
3. Osram
4. Bajaj Electricals Ltd
5. Wipro

1. Philips electronics

Philips is one of the best lighting companies in India. In India, from 80 years old to 6 years old, everyone knows the brand name, Philips. Previously it was known as Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 131 years ago, the company was established in Eindhoven, Netherlands in the year 1891 as the name of Firma Philips & Co. Gerard and Anton Philips are the founders of Philips.

Philips - Best Lighting Company in India

The company first started as an electric brand producing normal bulb lights. Gradually Philips electronics became very popular in India. Even today, people of India always prefer Philips electric products over any other brand. The company is also well-known in the personal health business.

In India, people even remember the logo of Philips, which is stars with waves designed. In 2013, the company changed its slogan from” sense and simplicity” to “innovation and you”. This slogan is so catchy that it is also remembered by the masses of India. In India, Mohali, Baroda, Chennai, Pune, Noida, and Bangalore are the places where the company has manufacturing facilities.

They have 9,500 employees in this country and around 80,000 employees worldwide. LED bulbs, bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting, decorative lights, downlights, tube lights, smart lighting, bedroom lighting, kitchen lighting, switches, and accessories, etc. are provided by this brand. They also provide several medical equipment, Home appliances, and intellectual property as well.

Though this giant Dutch company has good hold in the Indian market from its beginning, they are still working to spread its business more efficiently. The total revenue of this company is €17.83 billion as of 2022(worldwide). According to Philips, ” there’s always a way to make life better “.

2. Havells India Limited

Havells is another biggest lighting brand in India. According to Trust Research Advisory Report 2014, Havells India Ltd is one of the most trusted brands in India. In 1958, the company was actually founded by Haveli Ram Gandhi. But in 1971, Qimat Rai Gupta bought this pre-existing company in exchange for rupees 700,000. And from then, we know Qimat Rai Gupta as the founder of Havells India Ltd. The company’s headquarters is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Havells - Most Trusted Lighting Companies in India

The company owned the tag of FMEG which means the products of this company is one of the ” Fast Moving Electrical Goods “. This Indian-based electronics company has spread its business all over the world and has a powerful hold in the world market. They say they are “Making it in India, Taking it to the world “. The statement is perfectly justified with their wide range of products for industrial, commercial, and domestic projects.

It has more than 700 “Havells Exclusive Brand stores ” throughout the country running successfully. An initiative called ” Havells Connect ” has also launched and because of that, every order from Havells will be delivered in your footsteps. The company has manufacturing plants in Neemrana, Ghiloth, Alwar, Faridabad, Baddi, Haridwar, and Sahibad.

Most of its products (90%) are Energy efficient. They provide several types of lighting like – wall lights, pendants, outdoor lights, electric pop, Glamtubes, smart lighting, LED recess panel, LED spotlights, LED cob, LED strips, LED lamps, portable lights, etc.

In addition to lighting, they also provide Wiring accessories, normal switches, modular switches, heaters, induction motors, cables, capacitors, kitchen appliances, LV Motors, home applications, and many more are on the list of their product content. The company’s revenue is 13,940 crores as of the financial year 2022. Havells, Crabtree, Lloyd, and Standard Electric Reo are the brands which are owned by Havells India Limited.

3. Osram

OSRAM Licht AG is a German lighting company meanwhile, in India, it is known as Osram India Pvt ltd – Osram is one of the biggest lighting brands in India. Though lights are usually used to brighten up a particular place, still Osram has set a high standard of lights with its German technology.

Osram - One of the best Lighting Brands in India

Indians are fond of German technology which is made with simple yet perfect methodologies. When this kind of company got into the Indian electric business, the whole market of lighting changed. The OSRAM Licht AG company was founded in 1919. The headquarters is located in Munich Germany.

In India, they have manufacturing plants in Sonepat and Kundli. According to Osram, technology is not far away from normal senses, Osram always uses ” intelligence to light ” which “enrich people’s lives ” for day-to-day work. They say,” sensing is life “.

Nowadays, lamps, tube lights, or any other electric products are not just about brightening up one particular place or doing their primary work. It is also about aesthetics, quality, durability, etc. which are highly important for an electrical product in 2023. And Osram India Pvt ltd has served all these demands of Indian people for many years.

Some products of this company are – streetlights, floodlights, table lights, spotlights, normal lamps, under cabinet lights, camping lights, and other various kinds of luminaries, etc. The company’s revenue was 3.04 billion in the year 2020. OSRAM Licht AG has owned several patents as well for their innovations.

4. Bajaj Electricals Ltd

Bajaj is one of the most popular lighting companies in India. Bajaj Electricals Ltd is a company under the Bajaj Group which was formed on 14th July 1938 by Kamalnayan Bajaj. Now, Mr. Shekhar Bajaj is the executive chairman of Bajaj Electricals Ltd. The company’s headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The first showroom of Bajaj electronics opened at Lakdikapul. They have a very strong hold in the south Indian market.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd - One of the Best Lighting Companies in India

In India, people have a tremendous amount of faith in the products of Bajaj electronics. People buy these products for their durability and longevity which is available in a sober price range. The Indian population has been a huge market for Bajaj automobiles for a long period of time and because of that, they show a lot of interest in their electronics also to get durable, fashionable, and budget-friendly products which are very rare quality in the electronics business.

Today, these types of quality-based electronic products are going to reach new heights in their upward journey. They have many showrooms in south India which are – Visakhapatnam, Nalgonda, Warangal, Kurnool, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Guntur, and Rajahmundry. The company allows its customers to pick and give it a trial before purchasing any product and customers absolutely love these principles and enjoy the Bajaj shopping experience. Bajaj has almost every electronic product like luminaries, fans, mixers, LED bulbs, irons, water heaters, transmission towers, generators, etc.

And according to their choice, people can easily get every electronic product of them under one roof. The company currently has 19 branches of its own and 400,000 retail outlets across the country. It also has more than 500 customer care centers to serve its customers smoothly. As of 2022, Bajaj Electricals’ revenue has reached 4,871 cr.

5. Wipro

Wipro is another popular lighting company in India. In this century, Wipro is known as a diversified global business & technology, and consulting leader. It was founded 71 years ago on 29th December 1945. M.H. Premji started Wipro in Amalner, Maharashtra. This company started its journey as a vegetable and refined oil business. Today, the company’s main focus is on the IT sector but still under Wipro, there are many businesses that continue successfully and one of those businesses is electronics.

Wipro - Most Stylish Lighting Companies in India

Wipro electronics is very innovative in style and perfect in engineering. LED lights of Wipro are far better than any other LED lights while consuming less energy. Though the company started as a trade of grains, in a very short span of time, they upgraded themselves and got into new paths. This family-run business is now a global name. They have electronic products like smart bulbs, LED lights, cameras, extensions, etc.

They also provide green lighting and energy-efficient products. The company has got numerous achievements in the electronics field. Some notable awards are – in 2017, the company got Red Dot Design Award, the Red dot award for Stylus in 2021, Frost and Sullivan Award – 2018 Best Practice Award, India Design Mark 2020 & 2021, etc.

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