Importance of Highway Lighting

Importance of Highway Lighting

The rate of highway accident and fatality that occur during night driving is several times higher than that during the day driving. To overcome this hazardous situation highway lighting take an important role. Following some importance and benefit of highway lighting or street lighting.

Importance of highway lighting
Importance of Highway Lighting

1. Highway/street lighting enables the road users mainly cyclists, pedestrians, bullock cart driver and motorists to see more accurately and easily the carriageway and its surrounding areas at night.

2. In a highway, all the vehicles have their own headlight, but it is not possible to fully depend on the headlights for night driving, if all vehicles are to drive with the full headlight on, the glare problem can cause a severe accident. Therefore, highway lighting is required to illuminate the carriageway and its surrounding.

3. Traffic flow conditions improves as the speed of traffic improves due to better lighting.

4. Due to presence of traffic lights the accident numbers at the night time will be reduce.

5. There will be reduction in highway crime at night.


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