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Highway Lighting – MCQ

1. Which factors influence night visibility on the highway?

a) Size of objects.
b) Brightness of Objects.
c) Reflecting Characteristics of the pavement surface.
d) All of these. ✅

2. Which factors are to be considered in the design of road lighting?

a) Luminaire distribution of light.
b) The spacing of light units.
c) Lighting layouts.
d) All of these. ✅

3. The spacing of lighting units is influenced by

a) Electric distribution poles
b) illumination.
c) Road layout.
d) None of these.
e) All of these. ✅

4. The BIS recommends an average level of illumination for the important road is

a) 10 lux
b) 20 lux
c) 30 lux ✅
d) 40 lux

5. As per IRC the minimum verticle clearance required for electric power lines up to 650 volts is

a) 3 m
b) 5 m
c) 6 m ✅
d) 10 m above the pavement surface

6. As per IRC, the minimum horizontal clearance required for lighting poles for the road with raised kerbs is

a) 0.6 m
b) 0.5 m
c) 0.4 m
d) 0.3 m ✅ from the edge of raised kerb.

[Note: Minimum 0.3 m, but the desirable value is 0.6 m from the edge of raised kerb.]

7. As per IRC, the minimum horizontal clearance required for lighting poles for the road without raised kerbs is

a) 1 m
b) 1.5 m ✅
c) 2 m
d) 2.5 m from the edge of the carriageway

8. The minimum amount of highway lighting to be provided on urban roads is

a) 30 lux ✅
b) 20 lux
c) 15 lux
d) 10 lux

[Note: For important roads with fast traffic 30 lux is recommended. For other main roads, it is recommended as 15 lux.]

9. The most cost-effective/economical layout of lighting for narrow roads is

a) Central
b) Staggered, on both side
c) Single side ✅
d) None of these

10. Usually, the spacing between the highway lamps is

a) 10 m
a) 30 m ✅
b) 60 m
c) 80 m

[Note: Usually spacing between two lamps is between 30 to 60 m. (it is not an exact value – because it depends on several factors, it is calculated by considering various factors.]

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