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Weathering of Rocks – MCQ

1. Eolian is

a) Transported Soil ✅

b) Red Soil

c) Residual Soil

d) Black Soil

[Note: This soil is transported by wind]

2. Of the various types of rock-forming minerals, minerals that rank first is

a) Oxides

b) Silicates ✅

c) Carbonates

d) Sulphates

3. Soil profile indicates

a) The slope of an area as measured on the surface

b) The composition of the top layer of soil in an area

c) The character of weathering as reflected by the type of weathered products up to a certain depth ✅

d) Non of these

4. Carbonation is the action of

a) Carbon dioxide on the limestone rock

b) Atmospheric carbon dioxide mixed with moisture on rocks of suitable composition ✅

c) Atmospheric carbon dioxide on iron containing Rocks

d) Non of these

5. Which one will suffer fastest weathering?

a) Granite

b) Basalt

c) Sandstone

d) Limestone ✅

6. Spheroidal blocks are formed by

a) Mechanical weathering

b) Chemical weathering ✅

c) Mechanical and chemical weathering jointly

d) None of these

7. Glaciers are downward moving bodies of

a) Pure snow

b) Mostly ice and may be some snow ✅

c) Snow at the bottom and some ice at the top

d) Non of these

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