Toronto City- The Most Famous City in Canada

Toronto is the most famous city in Canada, and it is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. Toronto City is famous for skyscrapers, tall buildings & structures, multiculturalism, sports, vibrant nightlife, etc.


Toronto, the capital city of Ontario province is a mix of different cultures, arts, and nationalities. Toronto city is considered the most populous city in Canada. Toronto is situated on a “sloping plateau” with many rivers cutting the main land abruptly. The total land area of Toronto City is 641 km2. Rivers and creeks run through the city almost 307 km. And, around 26 percent area is covered by trees. Each and every river is a tributary of Lake Ontario which falls under the Atlantic basin. The total population of this city is around 3 million which makes it the fourth most populous city in North America as well.

The actual native population of this cosmopolitan city is very less whereas the city is highly populated with immigrants who are constantly immigrating from all over the world. People of Toronto use English as their basic language but it is surveyed that more than 160 languages are used for communication among the people.

The architecture of the city is a mix of Georgian and postmodern architectural styles. Natural resources like Shale and clay layer underneath the city, have influenced the bay and gable-style architecture in old Toronto houses. Some of the best architectural buildings of Toronto City are – Toronto Public Library, Toronto City Hall, Toronto Union, Ontario legislative building, Toronto Dominion Center, etc. The most popular structure or we can say the tallest structure in Canada “CN Tower” which is also located in this city.

Toronto is Canada’s most favored city for international tourists. The city ranked 32nd among other popular cities in the world. Some most popular tourist places in Toronto are the CN Tower, the ‘Toronto Islands’, the ‘Hockey Hall of Fame’, the ‘Royal Ontario Museum’, the ‘Art Gallery of Ontario’, the ‘St. Lawrence Market’, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, etc.

The television industry in Toronto is always at its peak. The city is considered ” the fastest-growing tech hub in North America”. The five largest banks in Canada have their headquarters in the city. Some most prominent sectors where Toronto’s growth and wealth are deeply rooted are – Media Houses, Hotel businesses, the Banking sector ( Royal Bank of Canada, Magazine productions, Television networks, Film Production, Technology, Tourism, etc.