Types of Fixtures And Fastenings in railway

Types of Fixtures And Fastenings

The important fittings commonly used in a permanent way(Railway) are as follows:
1. Fish Plates
2. Spikes
A. Dog spikes
B. Screw spikes
C.Round spikes
D. Standard spikes
E. Elastic spikes
3. Bolts
A. Dog or hook bolts
B. Fish bolts
C. Rag bolts
D. Fang nut bolt.
4. Chairs
A. Cast steel chairs
B. Mild steel and Cast iron slide chairs.
5. Blocks
A. Heel blocks 
B. Distance blocks
C. Crossings blocks 
D. Check blocks.
6. Keys
A. The wooden key for C.I chair 
B. M.S key
C. Stuart’s key
D. Morgan key
E. Cotter and tie bars
7. Plates
A. Bearing plates
B. Saddle plates.
8. Anchors and anti-creepers.

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