Types of Foundation Settlement (Total, Differential and Permissible Settlement)

Types Of Foundation Settlement

The settlement of foundation can be defined as the vertical downward movement of the foundation base of a structure into the soil mass. Following common types of settlement are described below

Total Settlement

The vertical downward movement of the base of a structure is called settlement. Settlements in soils are of two types:

  1. Immediate Settlement (Si).
  2. Consolidation Settlement (Sc).

The immediate settlement is caused by the elastic deformation of soil mass on application of a load.

The consolidation settlements in taking place over a long period of time due to the gradual expulsion of water from the soil pores.

The sum of immediate settlement and consolidation settlement is termed as total settlement(S).

Thus,  S= Si +Sc

Differential Settlement

The relative settlement of the adjacent portions of a structure is termed as differential settlement. It is most detrimental for the structure and should not be allowed to exceed the permissible limits.

Permissible Settlement

This is the maximum limit of settlement which can be allowed for a foundation soil without having any risk of danger for the structure.

Permissible Settlement as Per I.S Code

Types of Foundation Settlement

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