15 Precaution To Be Taken To Prepare a Good Quality of Concrete

15 Precaution to be Taken To Prepare a Good Quality of Concrete

The following 15 precautions should be taken during preparation of good quality concrete:

1. The aggregate should be hard and durable.
2. The aggregates shall be properly graded in size.

15 Precaution To Be Taken To Prepare a Good Quality of Concrete

3. The cement should be of sufficient quantity to produces required strength and water-tightness.

4. The water shall be free from organic material or any deleterious minerals.

5. The quantity of water should be such that it produces the needed consistency.

6. Mixing should be done thoroughly so as to produce homogeneity

7. During the transportation of concrete, there should be no segregation of or separation of materials in concrete take place.

8. Concrete delivered at the point of placing should be uniform & have the proper consistency.

9. The concrete should not be thrown from a height to avoid segregation.

10. It should be deposited in an even horizontal layer of uniform thickness. Concrete should fill every part in these forms.

11. Until the concrete becomes hard, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of concrete is maintenance above the freezing point.

12. When the placing operation is suspended for some time, groves must be made in the finished work joining of future work.

13. In easy of R.C.C slab, placing of concrete should be started from the end and done width wise.

14. The old concrete surface must be made rough, cleaned and cement grouted before placing fresh concrete over it.

15. The finished work should be cured properly for a specified time. 

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