Advantages And Factors Affecting the Quality Control of Concrete

Advantages of quality control of Concrete

The general feeling is that quality control involves extra cost, this is certainly not so. The advantages of quality control offset the extra cost. Some of the advantages of quality control of concrete are described below.

1) Quality control assures rational use of available resources and thus reduces the materials cost.

2) Quality control provides a guarantee of desirable quality at every stage of works.

3) In the absence of quality control at the site, the designer is often tempted to over-design to minimize the risk which ultimately increases the overall cost.

4) checks at every stage of production and rectification of the faults at the right time expedite the completion and thereby reduces delay.

5) Adoption of quality control reduces the maintenance cost.

Advantages And Factors Affecting of the Quality Control of Concrete

Factors affecting the Quality Control of Concrete

The main factors variation in concrete quality are as follows

1. Availability of experienced, knowledgeable and trained personnel at all level of work.

2) Attitude and orientation of people involved in the work.

3) Variation in the source of ingredients.

4) Variation in the quality of constituent materials.

5) Variation in mix proportion due to batching process.

6) Variation in the quality of batching and mixing equipment available.

7) Variation in the process of transporting, placing, compaction and curing of concrete.

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