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4 Ablution Fittings

Ablution Fittings is a one types of sanitary fitting, Following 4 ablution fittings(Flushing cisterns,Wash Basins, Bath Tube & Sinks) are described below

1. Flushing Cisterns

Flushing cisterns are installed above the water closet or urinal for flushing them. It is usually made of cast iron or porcelain or plastic. It is operated by chain or handle. The discharge capacity of cisterns are usually 5, 10, 15 liters. 

 Ablution Fittings - Flushing cisterns
Flushing cisterns

A flushing cisterns may either be of siphonic type or flat bottom type. Siphonic type of cisterns is widely used now a day.

2. Wash Basins

A wash basins is a sanitary fittings used for washing hands or brushing teeth etc. It is made of glazed earthenware or vitreous china clay or steel or aluminum etc. In plan the basins may have rectangular, square, circular, oblong  etc shape. 

Ablution Fittings- wash basins
wash basins

It is provided with one or two water taps. An outlet pipe with gratings is fitted with it for discharging waste water. The wash basins may be supported either on brackets fixed on wall or on pedestals.

3. Bath tube 

It is a rectangular basins made of R.C.C finished with marble chips or terrazzo. They may also be made of cast iron or steel. Bath tubs  are provided in bathrooms for the purpose of bathing. 

Ablution Fittings- Bath tubs
Bath tubs

It is provided with one or two water taps, one outlet pipe and one overflow pipe. The wastewater from the bath tube is discharged into waste pipe through a trap.

4. Sinks

A sink is a rectangular basin provided in kitchen or laboratory. It is used to clean utensils etc. It is usually made of glazed earthenware or marble or stainless steel etc. 

Ablution Fittings- sink

The sink has an outlet pipe which is fitted with waste pipe through a floor trap. The mouth of the outlet pipe is provided with grating of brass or nickel to prevent the entry of coarser materials into the waste pipe. The height of the top of the sink from the floor should be 90 cm.

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