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4 Difference Between One And Two Pipe System

Following 4 difference between one pipe system and two pipe system are described below
One Pipe System
Two Pipe System
   1. In this system, one main vertical pipe is provided. All the waste matter from bathrooms, kitchens, water closets etc. is discharged into it. In addition to this, a separate vent pipe is provided.
   1. In this system, two sets of vertical pipes are laid. One pipe is used for draining sullage. Both the pipes are ventilated separately by providing separate vent pipes or anti-siphonage pipes.
   2. In small houses and building one pipe system is preferred.
   2. This system is highly favoured particularly for large and multi-storied buildings.
   3. It requires less number of pipes and hence cheap. It also requires small spaces.
   3. It requires large number of pipes and hence costly. It also requires large spaces.
   4. This system is less efficient.
   4. This is the best system for efficient conveyance of house wastes.
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