Composite Steel Concrete Floor and Deck System

Composite Steel Concrete Floor & Deck System

The use of steel members to support a concrete floor slab offers the possibility of composite construction, in which the steel member are joined to the slab by shear connectors so that the slab serves as a compression flange.

In one simple and constructionally convenient slab system, steel decking, which is often used to act merely as rapidly erected permanent formwork for a bar reinforced slab, serves also as the reinforcement for the concrete slab in a composite role, using thicker wall sections with indentations or protrusions for shear connectors.

Slabs may also be designed to act compositely with the supporting beams by the more usual forms of stud, angle, or channel shear connectors, so that the slab alone spans the short distance between the beams while the compositely acting slab and beam provided the supporting system. 

The further combination of a concrete slab on metal decking with shear connect.

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