Different Component Parts of a Scaffolding

Different Component Parts of a Scaffolding

The following are the main component parts of an ordinary scaffolding:

Different Component Parts of a Scaffolding

1. Standards

Standards is a verticle member of scaffolding, which may be verticle bullies or pols or other vertically supported members. In the end, all the loads are carried by standards. So, they should be strong and rigid enough to bear them.

2. Ledgers

Ledgers are the horizontal members of scaffolding, which are laid parallel to the walls. Ledgers are fixed with standards either by ropes or by using other connectors. The connection between Ledgers and standards should be as possible as rigidly, otherwise, it may cause an accident due to loose connection between them.

3. Putlogs

Putlogs are also a horizontal member, but it is at right angle to the wall and standards. One end of these members are laid on Ledgers, and other end is held in the wall. This member acts as a connector between the wall and the scaffolding structure.

4. Braces

These are the members that are set diagonally on the standards to provide stiffness to the framework. These not only strengthen the scaffolding structure but also prevent oscillation of the structure.

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5. Planks or Boarding

Planks or boarding is a horizontal member made of wood, on which workers perform their particular work. For a particular work, all the required materials and appliances are kept over it. These members are laid parallel to the wall and supported on the putlogs.

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