Foundation on Made-up Ground or Reclaimed Ground

Foundation on Made-up or Reclaimed Ground

Sometimes, low lying areas or previously excavated areas are filled by dumping debris, refused and excavated soil. This types of fillup lands are known as made-up ground or reclaimed ground. Such grounds have some unreliable and peculiar properties.

Foundation on Made-up Soil or Reclaimed Ground
Foundation on Made-up Soil or Reclaimed Ground

It should be remembered that these types of lands are not properly consolidated, and also the bearing capacity of such soil does not remain constant. So, before starting construction on such lands, their peculiar properties should be carefully considered. Otherwise, it may reason for the damaged of the structure.

In founding structure on made-up ground or reclaimed ground following precautions should be considered:

1. If small pockets are found on the reclaimed ground or made-up ground, it should be cleared and replaced with good quality soil

2. If the load of the structure which are to be constructed on such lands is not too heavy, the raft foundation will be the best choice. But, if the load of the structure is too heavy and unevenly distributed, pile foundation should be considered.

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