8 Objects of Foundation

Objects of Foundation

Foundation is provided for the following objects:

1. The foundation helps to distribute the loads(live load and dead load) which comes from the superstructure, on a large area of subsoil, thus the intensity of the loads does not overcome the safe bearing capacity of the soil below the foundation.

Objects of Foundation

2. Foundation increases the stability of the structures against sliding and overturning.

3. The foundation is provided to prevent the effects of structure from some disturbing forces like wind, rain

4. To prevent lateral movement of the supporting material, in order that safety of the structure isn’t at risk.

5. The foundation distributes the load uniformly to the underlying soil, therefore it prevents the unequal settlement of the foundation.

6. To provide a levelled and hard surface, in order to build superstructure over it.

7. It evenly distributes the pore water pressure.

8. To tighten the superstructure firmly with the soil.


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