Precautions in Timbering – Must Know to Avoid Accidents

Precautions in Timbering

In the case of deep excavation, the timbering process takes an important role. It provides temporary support to the collapsible sides of the trench. Failure of timbering can lead to a serious accident, and should therefore be entrusted to very experienced hands. It may also affect the stability of the adjoining properties. Following precautions should be taken care of while timbering.

1. Slip of The Earth

One should keep an eye on the tendency of the soil to slip. In general, cracks are formed on the ground before the actual slip of soil takes place. In other words, the formation of cracks on the ground acts as an indicator of the possibility of soil slipping. Therefore, any formation of crack on the ground should carefully be inspected and, if possible, sufficient measures should be taken to keep the soil from slipping.

2. Traffic

The movement of heavily loaded vehicles like trucks, wagons, etc., and other heavy construction equipment should not be allowed too close to the trench.

3. Safety of Adjoining Structure

If the adjacent structure does not seem safe due to deep excavation, temporary support should be provided to the structure with the help of shores.

4. Ladders

The ladder should be provided at suitable intervals as these help the staff to get out from the trenches during any accident. In case of very poor soil, the spacing between two ladders should be around 15 m. But, in the case of good soil, it may be more than 15 m. Read Also: Types of Ladders.

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