Excess irrigation and unnecessary use of water may lead to the following ill effects:

Breeding Area for Mosquitoes

We know that the most suitable place to grow mosquitoes is the water in which there is no current. Due to excess use of irrigation water, and for the leakage of irrigation water, ponds and depressions get filled up with water and create breeding areas for mosquitoes. And due to the increase in mosquitoes, can spread malaria disease.


When irrigation water is given to an excessive amount, water seeping into the ground may raise the water table and will prompt waterlogging.

Damp Climate

The places that are damp and cold, those areas are more damp and cold due to excessive use of irrigation water.

Groundwater Polluted

The groundwater can get polluted due to seepage of the nitrates (applied to the soil as fertilizers)  into the groundwater.

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