Prince of Wales Bridge, United Kingdom – How long is it?

Prince of Wales Bridge

The Prince of Wales Bridge is the second longest bridge in the United Kingdom after Bromford Viaduct. The bridge was formerly known as the Second Severn Crossing Bridge, and in 2018, it was renamed the Prince of Wales Bridge. The bridge helps connect Southwest England to South East Wales over the River Severn. The Prince of Wales Bridge is a notable landmark in the United Kingdom.

Prince of Wales Bridge, United Kingdom - How long is it?
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The construction of the Prince of Wales Bridge began in 1992 and was completed in 1996. Back then the total cost of the bridge was 330 million Euro. The plan to build a second bridge on the Severn River was made to reduce the flow of traffic on the first Severn bridge which was built in 1966. Currently, the bridge is operated by England’s National Highways. Moreover, with the bridge being closer to the M4 motorway, it reduces travel time even more. The main architect of the Prince of Wales Bridge is Ronald Weeks of the Percy Thomas Partnership.

The Prince of Wales Bridge is not only a vital transportation route but also a popular tourist attraction. Crossing the bridge offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the picturesque River Severn below. Travellers can also explore the nearby towns and cities on either side, such as Bristol and Cardiff, which are rich in history, culture, and attractions.

Now, how long is it? The total length of the Prince of Wales Bridge is 5,128 meters or 16,824 feet. The centre of the bridge is held on cables so that the estuary can be used for the movement of ships. This cabled stayed portion of the Prince of Wales Bridge is known as Shoots Bridge. Moreover, this portion is the longest span of the bridge and its total length is 496 meters.

The clearance beneath the bridge is 37 meters for the crossing of ships upward and downward in the river. The clearance of the bridge is good enough to pass freighters under it. The height and width of this bridge are 137 meters and 34.6 meters respectively.

In the Severn estuary, during the low tides, the flatbeds are exposed which provides food for many types of birds. Moreover, migratory birds come into this region and its surrounding. This was a major problem before the construction of the bridge began as environmental conservationists protested against it. However, the construction of the Prince of Wales Bridge has not as such affected the natural habitat and the migratory birds still come near in large numbers every year.

The Prince of Wales Bridge has undergone several renovations and modifications to ensure its safety and efficiency. Today, it stands as a witness to human engineering and serves as an important link between England and Wales.

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