Procedure For Doing Earthwork in Cutting

Procedure For Doing Earthwork in Cutting

The process of cutting and removing earth from its original position, transporting and dumping the same as a fill or in the form of a spoil bank is known as an earthwork in cutting or excavation.

When the formation level of a road is to be kept lower than the natural ground level, the road is run in cutting.

The earthwork in cutting or say excavation is carried out in the following steps:

1. Setting Out

After cleaning the site the limits of excavation are set out true to lines, curves, slopes, grades, and sections as per approved drawings.

2. Stripping And Storing Top Soil

After setting out the limits, the top soil is stripped to a specific depth and stored at a suitable location.

3. Excavation 

The excavation is done only using bulldozers, scrapers, power shovels, hoes, etc. However in small projects excavation is carried out manually using hand tools, suitable side slopes are provided as per the nature of soils.

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