Sewage Pumping Station – Location And Component Parts

Sewage Pumping Station

The building where pumps and other accessories are installed for lifting sewage is called a sewage pumping station.

Location of Sewage Pumping Station

The pumping station should preferably located near a natural disposal unit such as a stream, a river, etc. But at the same time, the site should be such that it is not liable to get flooded with river water or seepage from the ground. 

Component Parts of Sewage Pumping Station

A typical sewage pumping station has the following major components: 

1) Grit channel or Detritus pit.
2) Coarse and fine screens.
3) Sumps or Wet well.
4) Dry Well or Pump room.
5) Motor room.
6) Inlet and Rising main to an outlet.
7) Emergency overflow exit pipe.
8) Other accessories such as starters, valves, flow recorders, etc. installed in the motor room.
8) Ventilation arrangements.

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