Types of Air Coolers – Guide on Air Cooler Types!

Types of Air coolers

The scorching heat of summer robs us of the comfort of our lives. To beat this heat, cooling appliances are very much needed. Cooling appliances are generally of two types; air conditioners and air coolers. Many people go for air conditioners over air coolers for a plethora of reasons. While that consideration is valid, air coolers can also provide you with a good amount of cooling and comfort. It is true that air coolers won’t give you the all-around cooling like air conditioners, but during summer they will definitely save you from the scorching weather and keep you comfortable.

Types of Air coolers -  Guide on Air Coolers Types!
Different Types of Air Coolers.

Besides, air coolers also have many advantages, like they are budget-friendly, portable and they are much easier to install. They also come equipped with various cool features like control of speed, control of water level, electric adaptation, and ice chambers. There are basically four types of air coolers available on the market. And it is important to know all their features and work process before you decide to buy one. A good air cooler can turn out to be a great investment and your source of comfort on hot summer days, but if chosen wrongly, it can also prove to be your burden. In this article, we have discussed thoroughly the four types of air coolers so that you can gather the knowledge and decide which one suits you the most.

The four types of air coolers are,

  1. Desert air coolers
  2. Personal air coolers
  3. Tower air coolers
  4. Window air coolers

The features and with some other details of these coolers are described below.

1. Desert air coolers

Desert air coolers

A desert cooler essentially runs on an evaporative cooling system (they are also known as a swamp cooler and wet air cooler). This gadget cools the air through the evaporation process of water. In this process, they take air from outside and mix it with water and force it into the room. The high-speed fan causes the water to vaporize instead of liquid and spread throughout the room, thereby cooling the room.

These systems are also known to use a lot less energy than common refrigeration processes to cool the air. Air conditioning through evaporation is especially advantageous in regions with a much drier environment like desert areas and that is why they are called desert air coolers.

This type of air cooler is used for both residential and commercial purposes for a large to medium enclosed space. It is a perfect device for a large to the medium living area. It is also preferred for open space, during any occasion, it is placed side of a stage and in relaxing areas. These devices generally come in an enclosed metal or plastic box with vented sides. Inside these units, a water pump is used to continuously wet the evaporative cooling pads while a centrifugal fan or blower moves the air by taking water vapor with it to cool the place.

Desert coolers also come with a large water tank, which ensures continuous cooling. Its cost is much lower than an air conditioner and also easy to operate. Additionally, they are incredibly simple to install, and the ventilation they offer is unparalleled.

On the flip side, the majority of these evaporative coolers are unable to reduce air temperature as much as an air conditioner can. Also, a closed room with no connection to or opening to the outside cannot be cooled by an evaporative air cooler in any way. Content water vaporization will cause more problems than comfort. These coolers also require a constant supply of water and in arid areas that can turn out to be a problem.

2. Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers are the best options if you need a strong, portable, and small air cooler to cool any segmented or specific place or as the name suggests, your personal space. Personal air coolers can cool the air using the principles of evaporative technology. Non-toxic inorganic materials are used to create the evaporative pad inside the device. This is an environmentally beneficial substance that is also fully biodegradable and intended to prevent bacteria in the interior.

The device is also responsible for humidifying and cleaning the air in addition to cooling the air. This means that you can breathe with confidence that the air you are breathing is safe, clean, and devoid of airborne toxins. The humidifier and purifier will both be beneficial for residents with kids and people who have allergy problems. The gadget only uses very low electric power. This implies that you save both energy and money because of your much lower electricity costs.

The device is completely portable. You’ll only need to have access to enough fresh water and a location to plug the USB wire in. That will prepare everything so that you can travel anywhere and breathe cool air. It might be in your bedroom, the office, or even a tent for a camping trip.

Some personal air coolers are designed to get charged through USB ports. Personal Air Cooler’s USB-powered mechanism is also a crucial component of smart gadgets. You may therefore carry the device wherever you go and plug it in using the USB cord. You may plug in the USB to your power bank, or solar generator at any time.

3. Tower air coolers

Tower air coolers

A tower cooler is another type of cooler that comes in a variety of sizes. The unique features that make it different from other coolers are that it is tall, tower-shaped, and elegant looking. Tower coolers are the best option if you want an air cooler that is both beautiful and space-efficient. These incredibly effective machines also have wheels underneath the body, making them portable and simple to move from one location to another.

This cooler’s body is slender and elegant, making it a decorative item to keep in homes and offices. Not to mention how well this model can transport air to all of the room’s nooks and crannies. Some models have indicators that display the temperature and water level of the water tank, letting you know when to refill it. Additionally, these towers have a cool flow dispenser that properly distributes water for improved cooling.

These devices’ water pumps use dura pump technology because it is more durable. Some of these energy-efficient coolers have cooling pads that guarantee quick cooling and inverters that guarantee continuous cooling. Another feature that some of these units have is an ice chamber, which offers excellent comfort and ice-cold freezing. Tower coolers are a great option for both home usage and commercial usage.

4. Window air coolers

Window air coolers

A window air cooler is the most basic kind of air-cooling device. The window coolers, as the name implies, are installed on the windows. They are generally placed in such windows which are open to the air. It takes fresh air and forces it into the inside of the room.

As they are installed in the windows, these systems don’t take up floor space, and thanks to their extremely low energy consumption, they qualify as the most energy-efficient coolers. However, this decreased energy consumption does not reduce the effectiveness of these devices. In fact, they can cool the space quickly and that too for a long time. They are a good option for small indoor spaces.

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