Wear of Rails And Their Classification

Wear of Rails

The reduction in cross-sectional dimensions or weight of rails in the form of flow rail material, battering at rail ends etc.is known as wear of rails.  

Wear of Rails And Their Classification

Classification of Wear of Rails

Wear of rails can be classified in accordance with the location and position of wear

A. On the Basis of Location

The wear is prominent in the following locations:
1. On sharp curves.
2. On gradients.
3. On approaches to stations.
4. In tunnels.
5. In the coastal area.
6. On a weak foundation.

B. On the Basis of the Position of Wear

The following are the positions of wear of rails.
1. Wear on top or head of rails.
2. Wear at the ends of rails.
3. Wear on the sides of the head.

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